Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

Tapping Into Your Kid’s Creativity

As a kid I remember creativity coming easily to me.  I loved writing poems and stories, created silly skits and played out scenarios where we ran a hotel or went on a road trip with friends. Unfortunately, adulthood tends to squelch a bit of that creativity over time as we make room in our brains […]

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The Day Kindergarten Went Wrong: A Tough Day for my Special Needs Son

The first three days of kindergarten went great. Happy smiles, hugs, and high fives all around as I promised my little boy I would be back to pick him up later. Then day four arrived. The crying started early when my husband and two oldest children headed out for work and school. Our little bear reluctantly […]

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Supporting Local Mompreneurs

Being a Mommy Without Losing the Me When you become a mother you gain a world of blessings. You gain two more hands to hold, one more face to cover with kisses, and one more heart that will love you unconditionally. When you become a mother you also risk losing a little bit of yourself. […]

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The Rational Party Planner: How to throw an inexpensive birthday party!

I am not your typical “Pinterest perfect” momma. So when it comes to birthday parties, I get pretty stressed about making it “perfect” without giving my budget-conscious husband a heart attack. We also have back-to-back birthdays that happen to fall in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, which just makes the case for an inexpensive birthday party all […]

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