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Suitcases for an Easier Journey Home for Foster Care Children in the Sarasota Area

We have been inspired to make it an easier journey home for foster care children in Sarasota. We know our Sarasota Moms Blog readers will be inspired too. May was National Foster Care Awareness Month, and during that month, we learned about struggles that foster children face — and how we could help. Recently, we came across […]

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Crazy, But True: We Live In Sarasota, Florida, And We Still Are Vitamin D Deficient

I see patient after patient who is Vitamin D deficient — yes, even here in Sarasota, Florida. What in the world? Well, it turns out that to be able to get enough vitamin D from our “responsible sunlight exposure,” it takes more than what we think. How we should get Vitamin D Food gives no more […]

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Sleeping Anywhere

Being a Mom and Getting Beauty Sleep… Is That a Joke?

Being a mom and getting beauty sleep… is that a joke? No, just far from reality. During the first year with a new baby, we lose almost 3 hours of sleep a day. Multiply this and you will have lost close to 45 total days of sleep in that year.  We lose precious nighttime sleep for many reasons. Babies (and […]

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Vampires sucking blood from their mother before going Trick or Treating

Sarasota Activities for Kids: Top 15 (Plus A Few) From A Fifth Grader’s Perspective

“Sarasota Activities for Kids: Top 15 (Plus A Few) From A Fifth Grader’s Perspective” is brought to you as a courtesy of the Rodriguez-Diaz Family If you have kids and are new to the area or are just passing through Sarasota, I bet you might want some entertainment for your little ones. Let us give you […]

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