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Maternity Must Haves: 5 Pregnancy Wardrobe Game-Changers

When you’re pregnant, you’ll do anything to feel comfortable. $20 for a maternity donut cushion? Sounds good. $40 for a maternity support belt? Here’s my credit card. $70 for a body pillow? TAKE. MY. MONEY. But after going through the big P twice now, I’ve figured out which items are gimmicks and which are true blessings. Here, in […]

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Sleeping Anywhere

Being a Mom and Getting Beauty Sleep… Is That a Joke?

Being a mom and getting beauty sleep… is that a joke? No, just far from reality. During the first year with a new baby, we lose almost 3 hours of sleep a day. Multiply this and you will have lost close to 45 total days of sleep in that year.  We lose precious nighttime sleep for many reasons. Babies (and […]

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Women’s History: An Art in Progress

Women. We are strong.  We are mighty and selfless. We are vigilant forces to be reckoned with.  We have an entire history of women who worked hard to place pavers for us to walk upon paths built with grit and determination. We are thankful for those women every day, and especially celebrate them in March […]

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