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Planning a First Birthday Party

Planning a first birthday party can be overwhelming. It is not just a major milestone for your sweet baby, but it also means mommy and daddy survived the first year! The first birthday party is a celebration of seeing one year go by and all the growth that has occurred. It’s more for the adults than […]

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Tapping Into Your Kid’s Creativity

As a kid I remember creativity coming easily to me.  I loved writing poems and stories, created silly skits and played out scenarios where we ran a hotel or went on a road trip with friends. Unfortunately, adulthood tends to squelch a bit of that creativity over time as we make room in our brains […]

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DIY: Personalized Pottery

Let’s face it, this winter break is going to be a LONG two weeks.  Now that my son is in first grade, he is a genuine ARTIST.  Some days he reminds me of a crazed Van Gogh as he frantically draws day and night. Making books, pictures, or even creating his own stories. Whatever his […]

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31 Days of December Activities

While everyone was out Black Friday shopping, I decided to spend some time focusing on ways to stay connected as a family in this busy season. As a mom of two young kids, I know it’s easy for them to become focused on what they want for Christmas and forget about the importance of family and […]

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Dinner Talk: A Family Mealtime Conversation Game

Some of my most favorite memories of my childhood revolve around the dinner table. I was fortunate enough to have parents who made family dinner at the table a priority. All five us, basically every night, sat at the table talking, laughing, sometimes crying, and enjoying the quality time. I believe this nightly tradition really […]

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DIY: Mercury Glass Pumpkin

I have come to the conclusion that with the exception of Christmas, my holiday decorations for the rest of the year are sad, or even at times non-existent. This is due to the fact that we’ve moved twice in the past few years and our storage space in the past has been limited. But nothing is holding me back now! We are finally in our […]

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