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31 Days of December Activities

While everyone was out Black Friday shopping, I decided to spend some time focusing on ways to stay connected as a family in this busy season. As a mom of two young kids, I know it’s easy for them to become focused on what they want for Christmas and forget about the importance of family and […]

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Dinner Talk: A Family Mealtime Conversation Game

Some of my most favorite memories of my childhood revolve around the dinner table. I was fortunate enough to have parents who made family dinner at the table a priority. All five us, basically every night, sat at the table talking, laughing, sometimes crying, and enjoying the quality time. I believe this nightly tradition really […]

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DIY: Mercury Glass Pumpkin

I have come to the conclusion that with the exception of Christmas, my holiday decorations for the rest of the year are sad, or even at times non-existent. This is due to the fact that we’ve moved twice in the past few years and our storage space in the past has been limited. But nothing is holding me back now! We are finally in our […]

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diy candy corn garland sarasota mom

DIY: Fall Candy Corn Garland

Aah, fall. The weather cools off, the leaves start to change color, and pumpkin flavoring appears in just about everything. Well, at least those were the signs of fall when I lived in North Carolina. Here in Florida the weather is still pretty scorching and the trees have no intention of doing anything but remaining […]

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chalk paint DIY

Transform Furniture with DIY Chalk Paint

If you’ve ever been in my house, you might notice that I have a little hobby of painting furniture. And if you look closely, you might think that it’s bordering on an obsession. I can’t help it! I really love color, and one of the ways I like to add color in my house is […]

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