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Breaking the Selfishness Cycle

Lately it seems that tragedy has been swirling around near me. It hasn’t come close enough to touch me directly, it’s just hanging around a person or two removed from me and my family. A coworker’s sister, a friend’s dad, a cousin’s roommate, a friend of a friend, all irrevocably changed in the face of […]

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I judged other parents. Until my son came along — as well as his tantrums.

We have officially entered the tantrum stage.   And it’s exhausting. I remember walking around the grocery store, or the playground, or really generally anywhere, with my daughter and looking at all of the moms with kids who were going insane and thinking, “I’ve got this mom thing down.”   Clearly, they (those moms) weren’t […]

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Best Friends

BMFF (Best Mommy Friend Forever)

I don’t think it’s any secret that moms need friends. Especially a wonderful mommy friend. We need friends to keep our sanity, to validate our worries, to cry with during tough times, to lean on when caffeine runs low, and most importantly, to help chase after the littles (because zone defense is always better than […]

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