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Vampires sucking blood from their mother before going Trick or Treating

Sarasota Activities for Kids: Top 15 (Plus A Few) From A Fifth Grader’s Perspective

“Sarasota Activities for Kids: Top 15 (Plus A Few) From A Fifth Grader’s Perspective” is brought to you as a courtesy of the Rodriguez-Diaz Family If you have kids and are new to the area or are just passing through Sarasota, I bet you might want some entertainment for your little ones. Let us give you […]

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I Might Have Ruined Santa!

There’s a chance my son knows the big secret about Santa. He’s not saying anything, and I’m not bringing it up, but there have been at least four times in his seven years of life that we might have ruined the Santa experience for him. And this doesn’t even take into account what he may […]

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DIY: Personalized Pottery

Let’s face it, this winter break is going to be a LONG two weeks.  Now that my son is in first grade, he is a genuine ARTIST.  Some days he reminds me of a crazed Van Gogh as he frantically draws day and night. Making books, pictures, or even creating his own stories. Whatever his […]

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When Birthdays Fall Around Christmas

My birthday is December 26. Yep, the day after Christmas.  When I was growing up it always seemed like my birthday was forgotten.  Very few of my friends were able to come to my birthday parties because it was so close to Christmas.  Either they were busy or their parents didn’t want to have to […]

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