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31 Days of December Activities

While everyone was out Black Friday shopping, I decided to spend some time focusing on ways to stay connected as a family in this busy season. As a mom of two young kids, I know it’s easy for them to become focused on what they want for Christmas and forget about the importance of family and […]

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christmas gifts for your husband that dont suck

4 Christmas Gifts for your Husband that Don’t Suck

Every year I scour the gift lists published by men’s magazines and tech websites to figure out what to buy the most important man in my life for Christmas. But here’s the honest truth. My husband doesn’t need a personalized flask, pilsner set or dresser valet. He doesn’t wear cuff links and he’s got plenty of ties. He certainly […]

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Naughty or Nice…The Elf will Tell!

It’s that time of year again, when your Facebook News Feed starts showing the Elf on the Shelf ideas.  I would be the first person to admit that when it first came out, I couldn’t stand seeing it and thought “this is silly.”  That was back in the day when I was single and had […]

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How to Channel Your Post-Thanksgiving Thankfulness

Many of us and our families spend the entire month of November acutely aware of all of our blessings. Some participate in “30 days of thankful” in which each day of the month we spotlight and reflect on a certain thing in our lives that we are thankful for. For each person these are different, […]

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