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medications and pregnancy

Pregnancy Worries: Is it Safe to Take This Medication?

Taking medication during pregnancy can be a very scary situation! As a pharmacist, I have taught pregnancy pharmacotherapy to pharmacy students, physicians, and to other fellow pharmacists for 8 years. It can be an uncomfortable topic for healthcare professionals AND for pregnant women. Needless to say, when I was pregnant, I avoided medications as much […]

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Momversation Kindergarten Redshirting

Momversation: Kindergarten Redshirting

As mothers, our lives are full of decisions about what’s best for our children and our families. At Sarasota Moms Blog, we want to create a community where moms are free to share diverse thoughts and opinions without feeling guilt or judgement. So, we’re bringing you a new series: Momversations. Each month, we’ll feature a “hot […]

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Bottle Fed Baby

Breastfeeding Battles: One Mom’s Journey

When I was pregnant with my son I saw and heard the messages over and over about “Breast is Best” and the importance of breastfeeding. I read about techniques and took a class with a lactation specialist, talked to my doctor and made the decision, without much thought, that we would breastfeed. I know there is […]

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working mom new job dream sarasota

What Happens When Your Dream Changes?

  What happens when your dream changes? Six years ago all I wanted was success in the direct sales business I was about to start. It was going to change my life and support my family for life. I wanted to be home with my kids and have a thriving business. I achieved all I […]

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