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Ann Sweeney was born and raised in Sarasota. After going away to college in South Bend, Indiana, her husband, Joe, who is also a local, moved back to the city they both love. Since getting married in 2012, Ann and Joe have have welcomed beautiful, Irish Twin boys, Joey and Brendan. They have loved navigating the waters of this new stage of life together and can’t wait to share the good, the bad, and the funny experiences they encounter on this journey!



Barbie relocated to the East Bradenton area a year and a half ago from Pennsylvania.  Her husband Kent and 7 year old son love exploring all that Florida has to offer! In her spare time, she enjoys reading, crafting, cooking and spending time at the beach.  Additionally, their family has taken up golf and they love to play at the local courses.



Erika is a rare “native Floridian” and was born and raised in the Sarasota/Bradenton area. She and her husband of 13 years met at the University of Florida and spent the next eight years relocating around the southeast while he completed his medical training. Now back in the area for good, she is a temporarily retired teacher and full-time mom to her four kids, ages 7, 5, 5, and 4. She is passionate about adoption and Young Life, and spends her days making snacks, answering questions, mediating sibling rivalries, and cruising around town in her minivan. In her elusive free time Erika enjoys sewing, crafting, reading, home décor projects, running, triathlon training, and spending time with friends and family.



Jess is a 29-year-old mother of two little boys, 13 months apart. While she can’t proudly announce that she has Irish Twins, she continues to receive looks from people when they learn of how close her boys are in age. She is grateful to skate through life while trying to keep up with two tornadoes. She enjoys every moment of it.


Savannah Francis

Savannah is a mother, wife and a business owner. She is extremely passionate about mentoring and inspiring women to help them achieve their goals both personally and professionally.


Melissa Bennett

Melissa, a former advertising agency copywriter in London, recently relocated to Sarasota from the U.K with her husband and nearly two-year-old son. She is loving the Florida way of life and her little boy can’t get enough of the beautiful beaches. They try and make the most of every day. Getting out to enjoy everything that Sarasota has to offer. As a new mum in the area she can’t wait to share her adventures on getting to grips with life in a new country with you.


Barb Hagan

Barb Hagan was born and raised in Sarasota. After moving all over the state of Florida, the birth of her daughter prompted a return to Sarasota for it’s better school district. Five years later, she loves rediscovering Sarasota through her daughter’s eyes. In her spare time she enjoys reading, pretending to garden, spending time with friends, and watching cooking shows.  


Allie Demes

Allie is an intentional mama working hard to be an intentional wife; a sister, a daughter; a gal with an attitude and heart for kindness; an advocate and constant learner; a teacher of exceptional children; an intentional essential oiler; a mistake maker and sometimes a learner from those mistakes but not always; a lover of God and the grace He gives me are all pieces of the woman she is but not limited to.

Moving from Ohio to Sarasota when she was eight, and moving to Oneonta, NY when she was 19 for college, she considers herself more of a Floridian as she doesn’t jive with cold. She resides in Sarasota, with her best guy (her husband), her sassy yet sensitive six year old daughter who loves unicorns and dinosaurs, and her two year old son who is one. She blogs about life, her little bottles of gold, and seeking intention in all things she does here:


Krissy Harshman

Kristina has lived in Sarasota since 1989.  She met her husband while attending the same high school in 1999.  They moved away to Tampa to attend college and were married in 2004.  In 2007, they decided they wanted to move back to Sarasota to raise a family.  They have two energetic, full-of-life little boys – ages 3 and 7.  In her free time, she enjoys running, reading, and napping.  Their family loves exploring local parks in the area, taking trips to Disney, and spending time with family. 




Angie Barnes Sarasota Moms

Angie Barnes was born and raised in the Midwest and recently relocated to the Sarasota area with her family. She is a former TV producer, turned PR pro and now owns two small businesses. Angie describes herself as a fun, fit and frugal mom. She enjoys learning and sharing about natural living as well as simple ways to make #Momlife less stressful…and FUN! You can often find Angie chatting it up about some of her favorite topics: coconut oil, the Instant Pot, Aldi and fitness!. As a work-from-home business owner, wife and mom of two having a strong community of supportive Moms is a high priority and she is so grateful to have found the wonderful community of women at Sarasota Moms Blog.


Betsy Davis Sarasota Moms

A native [upstate] New Yorker, Betsy went to Boston College to study communications and earned an M.S.Ed. in higher education from the University of Pennsylvania. Having worked in children’s television and higher education, Betsy is passionate about storytelling and the transformative power of education. She and her husband spent their twenties living as nomads in cities across the country but have happily settled in the Sarasota-Bradenton area with two spirited boys and three [even more] spirited dogs. Betsy currently works as a consultant serving as Chief Strategist for Planancial, an online personal finance education company as well as an independent college admission counselor.


Heidi Raymond Sarasota Moms

Heidi is originally from Indianapolis & spent 22 years in Virginia before becoming a Floridian! With her 6 kids, 3 dogs and full time marketing career, there is never a dull moment. Her children range from 20 years old…on down to 4! Heidi has over 15 years of experience in sales & marketing and is a certified Social Media Strategist. In Virginia, she wrote the blog “Discover Local 757”, where she encouraged restaurant goers to support local businesses and steer clear of the chains. Heidi now lives in the Lakewood Ranch area with her husband, Charlie. You can catch them on the weekends sampling the local eateries, getting sunburnt at the beach or planning their next travel adventure.


Kristin Trezza Sarasota Moms

Kristin is a wife and momma of two munchkins, 8 and 5. Previously a Human Resources Officer working full-time outside of the home, Kristin is currently navigating how to be a full-time homeschooling momma. She also teaches group dance fitness classes at Crunch in Bradenton, is studying to become a Certified Personal Trainer, and writes about her adventures in food allergies and being a fit & healthy mom at Kristin enjoys reading, writing, dancing, fitness, running, and all things Disney. She and her family moved to the Sarasota area in May 2017, and they enjoy exploring all that the area has to offer.


Lindsay Heald Sarasota Moms
Lindsay is a Massachusetts native that recently relocated to the Sarasota area with her husband, their beautiful daughter Taylor and crazy kitty Pixel, after living on the east coast of Florida for several years.  She graduated from Clark University with a degree in Sociology and spent 12 years as an elder care social worker.  Most recently, she became a (mostly) stay-at-home mom.  Lindsay is passionate about health/fitness, cooking, Pinterest boards, music and collecting self-help books that she will forget to read.  She is a melanoma survivor and believes that life is too short to not eat the cupcake.


Shannon Keever Sarasota Moms Blog

Shannon grew up in Schaumburg, IL. She has lived in many places, including Italy, but she now calls Bradenton her forever home. She has 3 kids: Alexis, 19; Xavier, 3 and Hope, 1. She has one fur baby, Chloe the pug. Shannon is an RN with experience in pediatrics and maternity care. She is passionate about helping families achieve healthy lifestyles. Shannon works part-time as a school nurse at Braden River High School, is a Juice Plus+ and Garden Tower consultant and a promotional model for IYMpact Promotions. Shannon enjoys running, cooking and sewing. In their free time, she and her husband Craig like to spend time with family, take the kids to parks and Busch Gardens.

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