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Keeping Them Entertained: Story Stones and Storytelling

Stories have been passed on for years and years, expanding legacies upon legacies, time after time, again and again.  Storytelling has transcended through time and plays a major role in history as we know it.  Listening to and telling stories helps us connect to each other’s hearts and minds; they allow us into the most intricate […]

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A Sarasota Mom’s Guide to the Month of August

School is beginning, schedules are becoming strict again, end-of-summer events are taking place, and everyone's restless.  Scan this convenient Sarasota mom's guide for the month of August, which includes events all over Sarasota County and surrounding areas. We hope this helps you plan meaningful outings with your family to reconnect with the ones who matter the [...]
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Reality Check…You’re Perfect.

Us Mamas need a reality check.  Big time. There are days that I feel less than perfect, days that it takes everything in me to wear a smile, speak gently, or stay awake.   But there’s something that we need to know.   We need to know that we’re perfect.   Yep, you read it […]

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I judged other parents. Until my son came along — as well as his tantrums.

We have officially entered the tantrum stage.   And it’s exhausting. I remember walking around the grocery store, or the playground, or really generally anywhere, with my daughter and looking at all of the moms with kids who were going insane and thinking, “I’ve got this mom thing down.”   Clearly, they (those moms) weren’t […]

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I Used To Have It All Together

  Up until I had my son on that fateful day in December of 2014, I had it all together. I was the mama to one sweet, sensitive, shy, and pensive little girl who was not quite 4 yet.  I remembered birthdays, had gifts in the mail ahead of time for holidays, brought everything her […]

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Tie rocks to dreams, Mama

I’m Not Alone and Neither Are You I can’t be the only Mama out there who has gotten stuck in the day to day.  Who has felt lost amongst the routines that you could tether time to.  A gal wrought with worry about getting through the week, the month, the year.  Someone who was once so […]

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