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Spring Training On The Suncoast

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And no, I am not talking about Christmas. Spring training is here! The time of year when 15 major league baseball teams making up the aptly named Grapefruit League descend on Florida to prepare for the upcoming season. Sunny, 75 and baseball. What more could you ask […]

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The Love Story of Two Young Strangers

When I was a freshman in college I wasn’t looking for love and I definitely wasn’t looking for a husband. I was focused on my future and having a good time. But what I found, through pure fate, was my soul mate and best friend.  Unexpectedly, meeting “the one” For my friend’s birthday she dragged me to […]

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SMB Goes Red

Sarasota Moms Blog Goes Red

As a registered nurse I see the direct effects of heart disease on a daily basis. But as a busy working mother I barely put any thought into my own health. Going to the gym? Eating healthy? Making it to a yearly physical? Surely, I don’t have the time for that! Well guess what, we all […]

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The Sleep Struggle: Surviving Without Sleeping

New moms report that sleep is their number one struggle in the first year of parenting. It starts out with our precious angels growing in our bellies. We get so big and uncomfortable, waking up every hour to pee, that sleep is illusive. The truth is, though, we don’t know how good we had it […]

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The First Year Struggle: The New Mom Stressors

The First Year Struggle is Real  You are learning to be a parent. Your partner is learning to be a parent. And you’re both doing it on little to no sleep. People tell you the first year is hard but it doesn’t really sink in until you’re in the thick of it. What do first […]

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Supporting Local Mompreneurs

Being a Mommy Without Losing the Me When you become a mother you gain a world of blessings. You gain two more hands to hold, one more face to cover with kisses, and one more heart that will love you unconditionally. When you become a mother you also risk losing a little bit of yourself. […]

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The Love Your Spouse Challenge: Real-Life Remix

You may remember the “love your spouse challenge” that was trending on Facebook at the end of the summer.  Maybe you participated in it or simply recall your newsfeed filled with photos of your friends with their spouses and sappy captions.  The challenge received lots of backlash on social media.  Despite the negativity surrounding the […]

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The Hour I Wish I Was a Stay At Home Mom

It’s Sunday night at 5:30 PM. I’m heading in to work. This is the hour I miss my baby the most. Some nights, when I leave to go to work my son is so busy playing he doesn’t even notice I’m walking out the door. This particular night, though, he lets out a little cry […]

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