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What’s In My Purse? Blogger Barbie Lane Shows Us Hers

What’s inside my purse? Here you go!

Who needs two wallets? I do.

To answer your first question: Yes, I carry two wallets in my purse.  One for regular items like cash and debit and credit cards, the second for my overflow of store cards. (Hey Corporate America, can’t we streamline this system so I don’t have a silly card for every store I shop?)

Medical and entertainment items for my son

That handmade anchor zip bag is filled to the brim with my son’s EpiPen, inhaler, allergy pills and Band-Aids.  Mama is always prepared!  Further right, Lego figures for my son.  (Yes, that is Grandpa Simpson.) You never know when you will need a distraction. Hence the Uno cards and crayons, which we always take home from every restaurant where we dine. I just pray they don’t melt in my purse one sunny day!

Personal needs

Of course I always have on hand a hairbrush and you can NEVER have enough ChapStick. Once again, if I don’t have ChapStick on me, it is NOT a good thing!  I am an addict. Always cough drops and Splenda because I get really annoyed when restaurants only have the “pink stuff”!

To keep me organized

Dead center you will spot my adorable pink flamingo planner.  I feel naked without my schedule. I also keep my pink whistle handy for when my schedule includes substitute teaching.

My gray coupon organizer is always by my side.  I organize my coupons to save me time in the stores and this bad boy is stocked with coupons for local restaurants and stores as well.  I love a good deal!  

Things that make me smile

And lastly, an assortment of adorable Polaroids from a family wedding we just attended, as well as a cute coozie (“Sip, Sip, Hooray!”) that will find its way to my beach bag soon enough.

Where I stash it all

I love my sturdy Sorial vegan “leather” tote. No, I am not vegan but this purse was a great deal and I’ve had it for two years and it still looks brand new. There is room for everything inside including a few handy pockets that help me stay somewhat organized.

So, what’s in your bag that you can’t live without?


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