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SMB Goes Red

Sarasota Moms Blog Goes Red

As a registered nurse I see the direct effects of heart disease on a daily basis. But as a busy working mother I barely put any thought into my own health. Going to the gym? Eating healthy? Making it to a yearly physical? Surely, I don’t have the time for that! Well guess what, we all […]

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10 Crunchy Mom Must-Haves

“Crunchy Mom” It’s a new term that’s spreading and not many know exactly what it means. “Crunchy Mom” refers to moms who enjoy a more natural approach to living. It’s a pretty broad description, but it basically encompasses moms who enjoy feeding their families with organic foods, using natural bath and body products, lean on […]

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meal planning Sarasota mom

Meal Planning Days of the Week

Now that school is back in session, it’s that time of the year when us moms are struggling to get dinner on the table. Between getting homework done, playing taxi and lets not forget after-school activities! So, when someone mentions meal planning, it is easy to cringe and think: “When would I possibly have time?” […]

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