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Choosing Kindness

Election 2016 is over.  F I N A L L Y!  This election has been just so emotionally draining on us all.  With the outcome of the election some of us were left feeling quite elated and others feeling a bit sad, defeated and/or scared of what might come next.  There has been a lot […]

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You Do You, Momma

Don’t let her sleep with you, you’ll create bad habits. Don’t feed him to sleep. Don’t rock her to sleep. Don’t let him sleep in the swing. Rock the baby. Bounce the baby. Put the baby in the swing. Put the baby in your bed. Sleep the baby in the car seat. Sit in the […]

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Surviving a Picky Eater

So, I have a 2-year-old who used to eat anything and everything all day long. Recently, though, she started being picky and barely eating three meals a day, except once or twice a week when she gives in and pigs out. I also have an 8-month-old that eats everything in sight five, six, seven times […]

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