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The Craft Bar: A New Way to Get Crafty in Sarasota

Crafting parties are a blast and recently there have been a few that have popped up with specific crafts on their menu. However, sometimes you want to craft something different without the mess at home. Occasionally, I pin something on Pinterest and think how fun it would be to make it — only to never follow through. I even have conversations with friends about crafts or projects, but it seems most of us are too busy to commit, or those of my incredible friends who do craft, hate the mess and leftover supplies. 

Insert the solution to all these problems: The Craft Bar

Ladies, it is time to grab your friends or your kids, or meet new like-minded crafty people, and show up at The Craft Bar!

The Craft Bar Story

Founding Co-Owners Wendy and Yvonne were enjoying drinks and chatting about their shared desire for space where local artisans could showcase and sell their creations, while others could explore their own creativity. And not just at a generic store, but around a bar, similar to the one they were enjoying a drink at. A dream was born and now they operate a fun and entertaining environment for crafters of all skill level!

And Wendy and Yvonne got creative with their offerings. You can stop in for Open Craft Bar or Walk-Up Craft Bar, or plan ahead with 6+ friends (like we did!) and plan a time to craft during a Moms Night Out! Or if you are looking for something for the kids to do? They have several options where kids can leave the mess at The Bar (instead of at home)! 

Learn more about the ways to craft:

The fabulous Wendy and Yvonne

1. Moms Night Out

The Sarasota Moms Blog team is a group of way-too-busy moms, but we marked our calendars and decided that we were ready to pound out the stress by creating Florida String Art together! Wendy and Yvonne were a blast! As moms they understand the chaos of motherhood, so they entertained us while helping us create our best art. They gave us step-by-step instructions, offered individual help and advice if we asked for it, and then let us use our own style and creativity to develop our artworks. Every one of us made a unique-to-us design that we are able to proudly display in our homes to show our love for Sarasota! Book a Moms Night Out now.

We love Sarasota! These SMB team members made Florida string art during our Moms Night Out.

Sarasota Moms Blog team having a blast!

2. Birthday Parties

My daughter loves crafts. She would craft all day, every day, but I cannot stand the mess that it sometimes creates. Some messes, like paper everywhere, I can deal with, but when she wants to pull out glue, glitter and paint… I usually say no. Of course, I have worked on saying yes more, but when she wanted to have a Barbie Fashion Craft Party I knew I was in too deep.

At our Moms Night Out, I talked with Wendy and Yvonne about my daughter’s dream birthday party. Immediately, they both were excited and started to plan, so I booked the date. Let me tell you all the work I put into this party: I sent invitations to her friends, I gathered up some snacks (grandma helped with the mini cupcakes!), we showed up and we left. That’s it.

Waiting for her birthday party to start.

There was NO cleanup. None.

This was by far the easiest birthday party I have done for either of my kids. Plus, every girl had a blast and every mom that stayed enjoyed herself as well. One mom couldn’t believe the cost was so affordable for everything that was provided for this two-hour party! Give The Craft Bar ladies your ideas and let them do the work for you! Learn more here.


All the girls doing all the crafts.

3. Private Parties

Sarasota Moms Blog had a fabulous event for Mother’s Day in May and The Craft Bar came and led our moms in decorating wine glasses. Our moms had a blast! If you know anyone that went, ask them about it! The Craft Bar will do private events, they bring the supplies and take care of leading the group through a simple craft.

Beautiful wine glass decorating.

Host a private party with The Craft Bar

4. All the Other Ways

  • Preschool Pop In 

On Tuesdays from 1:00-2:00pm enjoy a Mommy and Me class where everyone can enjoy getting messy and mommy doesn’t have to clean up! ($10/craft)

  • Craft Kids

On Saturdays from 11:20am-12:30pm, kids 5 years old and up can come in and get creative. Moms can enjoy the comfy couches or help out! A fun way to spend a Saturday morning. ($10/craft)

Let the kids craft with the fabulous Craft Bar ladies.

  • Walk-Up Craft Bar

Wanting to craft, but not make the mess at your own house or buy a ton of supplies you won’t use? Then pop in on Tuesday through Saturday all day (store hours).  No reservations are required, so swing by they say they have plenty of glitter to share! 

  • Open Craft Bar

Every month there is a featured craft that is scheduled during the week, check out the current schedule here. Make sure to reserve your seat at the bar 24 hours in advance. Don’t forget to bring a drink and a friend!

Can’t wait to see the creativity you create!

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