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Toddler Craft Corner – Under the Sea


Craft Corner to the Rescue

It’s a mom’s nightmare to be stuck indoors with no activities planned and not able to get out of the house to let the kids run off steam. We’re well into the summer holidays and with the stormy weather we’ve been having lately, I decided to hoard some boxes and packaging in case we get stuck indoors.

This turned out to be useful, when after a day of rain, I turned to my craft cupboard, opened it up and thought, “What can we make this afternoon?” I took out an egg carton, some bubble wrap and paint for some inspiration.

Here’s what we made:

Jumping Jellyfish 

You’ll need: 

An egg carton

Bubble wrap or strips of paper 

Glue gun

Paint (your choice of three colors)

Stick-on eyes

Needle and thread (elastic thread works best)




Firstly, cut out and paint the egg cases from your carton. We chose purple and blue paint. While you’re waiting for them to dry, take your bubble wrap and cut it into strips. I found that 6-8 tentacles per egg case worked best. 

Using a contrasting color, paint the strips of bubble wrap (on the bubbly side). Bubble wrap works brilliantly and the light peeps through the gaps. 

Once everything is dry, glue 6-8 tentacles on each egg up (with the bubbly side facing outwards).

Next, use a needle and thread to pierce a hole on the top of the egg. Giving your child something to hold onto and bounce the jellyfish with. This bit requires parental help. 

Now add the stick-on eyes for the finishing touches to your craft. And your jellyfish is ready to jump into the sea! 

Additional ideas for your craft

We added blue tissue paper to give our jellyfish an underwater background. If you’re feeling creative, you could even use the rest of the egg carton to create a seaside backdrop. You might even want to do a puppet show with the jellyfish.

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