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6 Stain Removal Tips: The Way Grandma Did It

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Laundry is the neverending dreaded task for most moms. With every load we are tasked with the ever tedious challenge of removing this week’s stains. From grass to melted crayon, some stains seem impossible to tackle.

When my stepson was 6 he accidentally left a red crayon in the pocket of his shorts. 

I washed and dried an entire load of clothing that had all of my professional work clothes — with his shorts. When I pulled out the laundry to fold, I discovered RED MELTED CRAYON all over my white slacks! I about died! Replacing all of my work clothing wasn’t really an option at the time so I had to find a solution.

I immediately started investigating and asking questions to everyone I knew to figure out how in the world I could save my pants.

I was introduced to Grandma’s 10 best stain removal tips and today I am going to share them with you!

(And if you are wondering… YES! I got the crayon out of my pants and saved myself a ton of money!) 

1. Melted Crayon 

Place a stack of paper towels on the crayon stain. Turn the material over and spray WD-40 on the back side of the fabric. Then put the paper towels on the other side of the stain and spray again directly onto the stain this time. Next, apply a lot of dish soap to the stain. Scrub a bit as you add the soap. Switch out the paper towels with new ones as the stain lifts. Wash the clothing in hot water and rinse in warm water. Repeat as needed until the stain is gone. Only put the item into the dryer once the stain is fully removed. 

Beware that there may be excess crayon left in the dryer from before. To remove it wipe the dryer drum down with a cloth or paper towel that has been sprayed with WD-40. You can throw in some old towels and run the dryer to clean up any loose wax left over. 

2. Chocolate

Scrape off as much chocolate as you can. Using laundry detergent, scrub the area. If the stain persists try using a vinegar and water mixture; use equal parts of both. Continuously dab the stain with a clean towel. If the stain persists further pull out all the stops and try using lighter fluid directly on the stain. If the material can take it apply bleach.  After the stain lifts wash it as you usually would. 

3. Milk Spots on Furniture

Use a water and vinegar solution to scrub the stain out with a clean cloth. 

4. Ink on Walls or Other Hard Surfaces

Spray hairspray directly on the surface. Immediately wipe it clean with a dry cloth. 

5. Crayon on Walls or Other Hard Surfaces

Using a damp cloth and baking soda scrub the spot. If the baking soda doesn’t remove it try using dish washing soap. Baby wipes also work wonders! 

6. Grass

Use liquid detergent and scrub the area directly. You can also try hydrogen peroxide or bleach (if material is white). 

When you think all hope is lost and you will have to throw away yet another shirt, remember Grandma’s stain removal tips!  


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