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Let It Snow! How To Make Your Own Snowflakes

My daughter’s biggest dream right now is to see snow. Plane tickets are not in the budget and a road trip would be a disaster. Let’s just say trying to get to Orlando requires multiple bathroom stops and over an hour of whining and complaining. So, yeah, driving to see snow isn’t going to happen, either!

As a Florida girl myself, I can appreciate her desire to see snow. The only time it snowed in Sarasota was waaaay back in 1989. It didn’t hit the ground, but dissolved about a foot above. It was still totally cool though! But since I doubt that’s going to happen this year (hello global warming), I needed a snow solution.

Oh Pinterest!!!

The first thing I did to realize my daughter’s dream of seeing snow was to start scouring Pinterest. I wanted something simple and relatively mess-free. Crafts featuring Borax kept surfacing, so that’s the route I decided to take.

Borax Snowflakes!

Borax, Pipe Cleaners, and String

What We Used

For this project you will need Borax, pipe cleaners and string, as well as boiling water, pencils, and a container. I used a small storage container because I wanted to make several snowflakes at once, but you can use any container you’d like, as long as your snowflake doesn’t touch the bottom or sides.

What We Did

Making the snowflakes

We took one pipe cleaner, cut it into thirds and then twisted them together. I then cut smaller pieces of a different pipe cleaner to make the embellishments on the ends. None of our snowflakes look the same, so this was a nice teachable moment with my daughter. I explained that in real life no two snowflakes are exactly alike. After that she stopped trying to make her snowflakes look like mine and she just did her own thing, which I loved!!

Boiling water

I didn’t take any pictures of us waiting for the water to boil! The mixture I used was 3 tablespoons of Borax to one cup of boiling water. Stir the Borax until it dissolves.

Next suspend your snowflakes in your container making sure they do not touch one another or the bottom or sides of the container.

Then carefully pour the Borax mixture into your container. It’s hot, so be careful!!

And now the hardest part…

Time to wait. And wait. Then you can wait some more! We left our snowflakes in the mixture for over 5 hours. When we pulled them out they had crystallized!

We let them dry, which required more waiting! But now they are beautifully crystallized snowflakes.

I feel like the picture doesn’t show how pretty they actually are!

Now we’re thinking of experimenting with crystallizing shells to hang on the tree. We can love the idea of snow, but we are Florida girls through and through!!

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