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Sarasota Activities for Kids: Top 15 (Plus A Few) From A Fifth Grader’s Perspective

“Sarasota Activities for Kids: Top 15 (Plus A Few) From A Fifth Grader’s Perspective” is brought to you as a courtesy of the Rodriguez-Diaz Family

If you have kids and are new to the area or are just passing through Sarasota, I bet you might want some entertainment for your little ones. Let us give you some tips.

You will find many different lists, but the one I have for you is the Top 15 (plus a few extra) Sarasota Activities according to not just one fifth grader, but two fifth graders who consider themselves two seasoned experts in the area.

Even though my 10-year-old twins are Oregonians, they call Sarasota home. We brought them to Sarasota when they were just six months old. They were born to Puerto Rican parents in Oregon and raised in Florida. They love Sarasota. There are quite a few more kids around than when I first came to visit Sarasota for the first time over 15 years ago. Things have changed and these little guys have greatly benefited from it. Though, they are not as little anymore.

 I have consulted with them and they agreed on this list of things they enjoy the most. If you have any school age children at home, we are sure they will love the Top 15 (plus a few) Sarasota Activities:

Enjoying the beach ever since they were very young

  1. Going to the beach around sunset; the beach is always close. Around the time the sun sets it’s not that hot, it’s beautiful, kids can get in the water or build their favorite work of sand art.
  2. Eating out – the little guys are very particular, but there are quite a few places they enjoy because they treat them really well. They enjoy eating empanadas and drinking fresh lemonade at the Saturday Market in Downtown Sarasota, having sushi at J-Pan, Mexican food at Mi Pueblo, eating French at Bonjour French Café, eating Cuban at Columbia’s, having Chinese at Yummy House, enjoying chicken at PDQ and BBQ at Nancy’s BBQ.
  3. Walking across the Ringling Bridge.
  4. Visiting one of the many parks around the area.
  5. Taking music and sport lessons during the school year.
  6. Visiting and participating in their favorite summer camp at the Sarasota Jungle gardens. Sarasota has many different camps for children: nature exploring, sports (basketball, golf, tennis, swimming, scuba diving, paddleboard, martial arts, etc.), Lego camp, Minecraft camp, science, music, art, drama, dance, challenging camps for gifted kids, camps for kids with different challenges.
  7. Going boating or jet skiing on the Intercostal Waterway (ICW).
  8. Playing mini golf.
  9. Going to the movies. They looooove the movies. An advantage in Sarasota is that you can still get good seats on opening night.
  10. Jumping all they can at SkyZone. 
  11. Checking out all the sea life at the Mote Marine Aquarium.
  12. Rollerskating at Stardust.
  13. Visiting the Circus Museum at the Ringling Museum.
  14. Splashing around the YMCA Potter Park location, which they really like. 
  15. Getting fresh air. With around 240 days of sun they can just simply play outside with their puppy or their friends, swim at the pool, ride their scooters and bikes, or draw with chalk on the driveway.

Holiday stuff they sure enjoy:

Vampires ready for trick-or-treating at Siesta Cove

  • Buying fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July at home or by the bay.
  • Trick-or-treating at Siesta Cove, a neighborhood in Siesta Key.
  • Having fun at the Fruitville Grove Pumpkin Festival or the Hunsader Farms in October.
  • Visiting the Christmas lights at the Grace Baptist Church where the display is beautiful and they give you cookies and hot chocolate…yummy.

This is a curated list by two ten-year-old experts who have spent ten years in Sarasota and I would recommend you brace yourself for a lot of fun. We missed a lot of wonderful activities and places, though. We tried hard to stick to the  Top 15 Sarasota Activities. And, at some point they have to go to school and do their homework.

A bonus list from the mom’s point of view:

  •  Sarasota is well known for the arts. This is accessible to families as well. You can try the Van Wezel Family nights, for example. You can get a free child ticket for each paid adult admission ticket to the big huge purple theater.
  • The Baltimore Orioles have their spring training in Sarasota, and you can go watch games.
  • Not far from Sarasota there are plenty of activities to keep you busy all year round. TreeUmph! in Bradenton and watching the wild Manatees in Apollo Beach are great examples the whole family truly enjoys. But, today is Sarasota Activities Day so we will focus on that.

If you are someone who is thinking about relocating to Sarasota:

  • You should know the public school system is excellent and we have great schools with state and national recognition.
  • Shopping has changed A LOT! You don’t have to go far to find what you need to cover your needs and your “wants.”   😉
  • Talking about growth, there are plenty of housing developments, many of which are taking into consideration not just the retirees anymore, but younger families as well.
  • If you are concerned about your family’s health while you are enjoying Sarasota, I have to tell you we have a high quality healthcare system. There are specialty centers developing constantly around the area. 

Who said Sarasota is only for adults? Go out and enjoy Sarasota with your family, like we do.

Sincerely, The Rodriguez-Diaz Family

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