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7 Tips to Get Your Child Excited About Chores!


Chores… when you mention that word to kids they immediately run for the hills, hide under beds, suddenly become ill or remember they have mounds of homework to do. You might as well have said you were taking them to the doctor for a shot. 

Chores are something that have a negative connotation and they really shouldn’t! They are the beginning of teaching our children responsibility. The beginning of raising self sufficient adults. The beginning of independence and self care! 

And parents… let’s be honest… it’s FREE LABOR! 

That’s why getting your child excited for chores is long overdue! 

Here are 7 Tips that will help you get your child excited for chore time! 

Make the job sound important! 

My son loves to achieve goals and he loves to be in charge. So rather than asking him to just clean the table, you can make him table monitor! It is his job to make sure that the table is clean and neat after every meal!

Do chores together! 

If you are asking your children to do their chores then you should be doing yours as well! Set the example.

Switch it up!

Let’s be honest… doing the same thing every day is BORING! I don’t care who you are. Give them the opportunity to try new chores and to have new responsibilities! Rotation is key! 

Make it fun!

We love dance parties at our house and love to crank up the tunes while we tidy up the house. An occasional break for dancing is always a must!

Give them credit when credit is due! 

Give them a high five and a “great job” when they are done. After working your butt off it’s important to feel a sense of accomplishment and appreciation!

Be the teacher! 

If you prefer something be done a certain way it’s important to show them the way rather than get upset that it wasn’t done the way you expected. Make a cheat sheet, a step chart and diagrams if necessary. Once they’ve got it down, leave them to it! Remember babies don’t walk out of the womb! 


In our family we have a coin system. Depending on the chore, we assess a value. They can turn these coins in for allowance, trips to the park, new phone apps and so on. They decide what they want to spend their coins on!

The most important part of all of this is to be positive, use uplifting words and show them how much you appreciate their help! 

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