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I Refuse to Drive a Minivan! And the Top Reasons I Drive One Now

“I will never drive a minivan!”

How many of you have said those words? I know that I did. Repeatedly. I vowed to remain a “cool mom” that would never even dream about driving one of those lame mom cars. And then you know what happened? I bought a minivan. Why, you might ask? Why did I sell out and join the minivan club? Well, to be honest, it really is the best family car out there. Here’s why.

More Space = Less Fighting

Anyone with more than one kid knows that as soon as you get in the car, they start fighting. One is touching the other, someone took their toy, or they are *gasp* looking at each other wrong. The more space you can have between your kids, the better. I know that plenty of SUVs have third rows to separate your kids, but let’s be honest. No one is climbing back there to buckle in a kid every single time or launching snacks into the third row while driving. You’re going to put your kids in the middle row, and SUVs are just not as wide as minivans. Your kids are going to be much closer to each other and have more reason to fight.

Easier to Load

If you are a mom, chances are you are loading not only your children, but also large quantities of stuff into your car every time you go somewhere. When your arms are weighed down with shopping bags, backpacks, diaper bags, or strollers, you do not have a free hand to open the door or the trunk – not to mention help your child climb in or lift them. This is where a minivan is key. With the push of a button you can open both sliding doors and your trunk. The van is low enough for your kids to climb in on their own, and you can load up the car with them safely inside. Then your hands are free to help them buckle, or to go grab that cup of coffee you left on the counter.

Better Gas Mileage

If you have kids, you are driving a lot. Unless you are buying a hybrid, a minivan will get way better gas mileage than an SUV. So not only will you save money on gas, but you will also have to stop less often. There is nothing worse than leaving for school in the morning only to discover that you have to stop for gas, and anything that helps avoid that is a win in my book!


Since we have already determined that you have kids and are driving a ton, carpooling can be your best friend. But if you don’t have room for extra kids then you cannot participate in a carpool! While your SUV may have three seatbelts in each row, chances are the middle seat is pretty unusable especially if you have any type of car seat. Also, there is hardly any leg room in a third row SUV, so if you have bigger kids that won’t work well either. Minivans give you enough space for extra kids, extra car seats, and the extra stuff that comes with them!

They Hold a Ton!

You already know that minivans can hold a lot of people, but they can also hold lots of stuff! I am a recovering Craig’s List junkie, and was able to pick up every single piece of furniture in our minivan. Fold down the back seats, remove the middle ones, and you have tons of space! In addition to random Craig’s List furniture, you can also use a minivan to take loads to Goodwill, transport bicycles, bring your dog to the park, or move boxes to a new house. All with your kids in the car! 

No One Cares What I Drive

You know what really pushed me over the edge? When I realized that no one really cares what kind of car I drive. And who am I kidding?! It’s no secret that I’m a mom. It’s a very rare occasion that I go anywhere without at least one of my kids, and obviously all of my friends know my family status. At this point in my life, being a mom is my most important job. So why shouldn’t I drive a car that makes my job easier? 


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