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To the Men who are Helping me Raise My Boys: “Thank You” Will Never be Enough.

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It takes a village…

They say “it takes a village” to raise children. You just can’t understand how true that statement is until you welcome your first child into the world. And although a lot of the focus is on the female “villagers” who help take care of, or advise you through the first years of motherhood, not much is said about the men who are there in the trenches with us.

This Father’s Day, I want to take a minute to thank my three “best guys” who have helped me raise my boys to become the best men they can be. 

To my husband…

Say what you want about “soul mates,” but I know my husband is “my guy.” I ran him through the ringer before our first date when I told him that I just really wanted to be a mom. He was 19 and didn’t run away. I knew right then and there I had found a special guy.

Although becoming parents comes with an incredible learning curve, he dove in head first those first few days post delivery, taking care of both our son and myself. And when I told him through heavy (hormonal) sobs three months later that we were pregnant again, his response was, “That’s amazing, babe!  We will get through this together. What Publix sub can I get you?” All the Florida girls are now swooning. 🙂 

My husband is our children’s father in every sense of the word. He helps in the middle of the night, changes diapers, loads kids in the car, makes dinner, gives baths and puts our boys to sleep. He does weekends alone with the kids if I am away, and gives me the time I need to work, go to the gym, or go to bible study once he gets home.

Our kids will look back on their childhood and remember that we were a team. I can’t think of a better gift to give our boys (and their future partners) than the example of how to share parental and household responsibilities in a loving and respectful way. There is no one else I would rather “do life” with. 

To my dad…

Not only was my dad an incredible father to myself and my three siblings (and still is), but you should see him as a “gramps.” From countless walks around the block, skipping rocks in the pond, reading stories and popping popcorn, it’s no wonder why my boys jump out of my arms and into his whenever they see him.

good dads grandfathers sarasota

Although the boys will never remember, I will never forget how my dad took a five month “gramps-ternity leave” from work after we had our second baby just 12 months after our first was born. Irish twins are no joke and I don’t think we would have made it through those first few months without his extra hands and eyes day in and day out. He showed us grace, gave us support, and forced me to take naps once everyone was fed. During what should have been (and let’s be honest…still were) the hardest days of my life, my dad came off of the sidelines and right into the playing field with me. He’s just one of the best and I am so lucky to call him my dad!

good dads grandfathers sarasota

To my Father-in-Law…

“In-Laws” can be tricky. But anyone who knows me knows that I totally hit the jackpot when I married into my husband’s family. You will never meet a more kind, loving, and accepting pair of people than my mother-in-law and father-in-law. Together they raised five boys…yes, FIVE BOYS… to be incredible young men who are all just as kind and loving as their parents.

Now if that doesn’t sound like enough of a blessing, they are also THE BEST GRANDPARENTS EVER (tied with my parents…we are so spoiled). Hubby and I are feeling burnt out? They say, “Have a date night and let the kids sleep over!” Momma needs to roam Target for an hour to clear her mind? They say, “Make it two! I hear Joanna Gaines just came out with a new Home Decor line.” I’m not even joking.

And the best part? Our boys ADORE their “Pa.” They can’t wait to go to “Pa’s” house and play in the train room he built. Our oldest wants nothing more than to sit on “Pa’s” lap and play games with him. The little guy looks up at his “Pa” with the silliest grin and begs him to chase him around the house almost daily. My heart fills and bursts just about every day watching their shenanigans. 

good dads grandfathers sarasota

We are so blessed to have such good dads in our lives.

To me, it’s clear I have incredible men in my life just by looking at how my boys look at them. All of these men respect the women they married, guide the children they brought into the world, and love their grandkids with every part of their heart. They sacrifice when they don’t have to, but because they want to. This Father’s Day & everyday I want to thank all of these incredible men who help me raise my boys everyday. I could not & would not want to walk this journey through motherhood with out you. Love you all more than you’ll ever know!

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  1. Monica Sweeney June 14, 2018 at 9:00 pm #

    You just melted Pa’s sweet heart! We love you and your boys Annie!!

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