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Unplug to Reconnect: National Day of Unplugging

National Day of Unplugging Sarasota

We are constantly “connected” these days… smartphones, computers, smartphones, tablets, smartphones… I think it’s safe to say that, for many of us, most of our technological connectedness is through our smartphones. And while they can be a blessing and provide some conveniences, they can also carry a burden that sometimes sneaks up on us.

A Blessed Inconvenience…

I love that I can read a book through an app on my phone, but I hate that when I pick up my phone to read my ebook, I get sucked in to other apps that aren’t a priority at the moment (I’m looking at you FB & IG). I even go through periods of deleting certain apps during the day to help me refrain from using them too much. But eventually, I end up back in the same pattern of wasting time on the same apps. It becomes a little life-sucking device that, if not used carefully, can cause me to lose many precious hours that produce nothing of value and leaves me wishing I could have that time back. Anyone else?

What is National Day of Unplugging?

National Day of Unplugging 2018 will take place from sundown on March 9 to sundown on March 10. It is meant to be a 24-hour respite from technology to help us connect with others on a more personal level, sans technology. If you’re looking for ways to reconnect with others around you, or even just break the connection with your devices for a bit, this is a good time to make a commitment to giving up electronics for a 24-hour period. It might come as a pleasant surprise just how much you can enjoy a day without them!

Try These Fun Ways to Reconnect!

Not sure what to do with yourself without technology? Or don’t think you’ll make it the full 24 hours without reaching for the phone or other devices? Make a plan! Don’t try to wing it, because failing to plan is planning to fail (that saying isn’t only for dieting, you know). Here are a few fun ideas to consider when planning your device-free day:

  • Plan a park day with the family – Grab a ball, pack a picnic, and make an afternoon of it. Find a local park with enough activities to keep the family entertained for a while (playgrounds, open sports fields, etc). Really get back to remembering how good some outdoor fun can be!
  • Have a beach day – Who wants to get sand in their phone, anyway? Grab the sunscreen and some drinks, and head to the beach for the day with family or friends.
  • Break out the board games – Weather not so good? Or just not the outdoorsy type? Stay in and enjoy some good old fashioned board games. There’s sure to be a lot of good talks and laughter while you play.
  • Meet a friend for a coffee/lunch date – You know that friend (or multiple friends) that you keep meaning to catch up with? Make a date! Go one on one, or have a group outing, but make it happen!
  • Host an unplugging party – Create a zero devices allowed zone, and party like “old times” (you know, like before the times when everyone on your social media had to know about it). Even make it a themed party if you want (’80s anyone?). But make sure to find a camera that is NOT on a phone, because you’ll want those memories for later.
  • Volunteer – Find a charity that is near and dear to your heart, and spend a day helping out. You won’t even miss your phone when you’re filling your heart by helping others.
  • Get lost in a good book – Pour yourself a glass of wine, light some candles, and immerse yourself in a good story. Don’t have a book you haven’t read yet? Head to the bookstore or library before pouring that wine.
  • Enjoy a spa day – If you really want to splurge and treat yourself, go enjoy a spa day. That would get me to put my phone away any day!
  • Go camping – Ok, this one might be a bit extreme, but if you have the time it’s a great way to get some good quality time in with loved ones in a tech-free zone.
  • Visit family and friends – Simply grab some cookies and go visit that family member or friend you haven’t seen in a while.

There are so many things that we can do without electronics! Why not think about what you and your family would truly enjoy, and make a plan that you can all be excited about. What are some of your ideas? We’d love to hear them!

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