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Edible St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

St. Patrick’s Day is here! A day full of green, rainbows, gold coins and tiny Irish Leprechauns. What better way to celebrate than with crafts you can eat!

My kids love to do crafts and I like to consider myself a pretty crafty mom, but recently life has been busy and my crafting days have become pretty non-existent! So I made a little vow to myself… that I would do more as a mom to create fun holiday memories with my kids!

So for St. Patty’s day we are making Leprechaun Bait, Golden Coins (Oreos), and a Pot o’ Gold!


First up… Golden Coins.

-1 package of Oreos… in our house we prefer double stuffed.
-Wilton Gold color mist (1 can covers about half of a pack of Oreos)

Lay out the Oreos. I used a brown paper bag for easy clean up.

Spray the Oreos with the gold spray.

Fan them semi-dry and flip over to coat the other side.

Put them in a container so they look fancy.


and ENJOY!


Next Up… Leprechaun Bait!

This is a great option if you are creating treats to pass out at a St. Patrick’s Day kids party or send home as favors!

For this one you will need the Leprechaun Bait Print Out.

Click here to download: Leprechaun-Bait

– Lucky Charms
– Cellophane treat bags
– Leprechaun Bait Print out
– Stapler

Fill each bag with a generous amount of cereal. Leave enough space to be able to fold over the top.

Fold over the top and secure it closed with a staple.

Fold over your print outs.

Secure your print outs to the top of the snack bag with 2 staples.



For all you moms out there thinking “I don’t have time” or “Wow! She has it all together… see below where I can assure you I do not… hahaha!




This ladies… is my life… Sink full of dishes, bottle of liquor on my countertop. Yeah… that’s my reality!





Last but certainly not least… A Pot o’ Gold!

– Yellow Jell-O (I chose lemon but they also have a pineapple flavor)
– Whipped cream
– Small clear plastic cups
– Rainbow candy

Prepare the Jell-O according to the package instructions.

Pour your Jell-O mixture into the small cups and allow to set in the fridge.

Once they have firmed up its time to decorate!

Apply whipped cream in two spots to resemble clouds.

Apply the rainbow candy. Here’s a TIP: Put them in the freezer BEFORE you try to add them.

FAIL: If you don’t freeze the candy… they will look like this.

SUCCESS! Frozen candy trick!

I finished mine off with some gold sprinkles I had.


Now its time to… EAT IT UP!


I hope you enjoy these ideas and have fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in your own home!

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