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Meal Planning Days of the Week

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Now that school is back in session, it’s that time of the year when us moms are struggling to get dinner on the table. Between getting homework done, playing taxi and lets not forget after-school activities! So, when someone mentions meal planning, it is easy to cringe and think: “When would I possibly have time?”

It may sound like just making another list that will hang on your fridge for weeks. The reality is grabbing dinner on the go, popping a frozen meal in the microwave, or slapping together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is easier. However, I want to encourage you to think of meal planning as essential.

Your body will thank you and so will your wallet. Your husband might too!
own on stress and save you money, while providing your families with a daily healthy meal.

As a busy mom, it’s tough to do it all, so I have found it simple to give each day of the week a theme.


Meatless Mondays saves your family money. Don’t be intimidated by not having beef or chicken in the main course – find some ideas from Pinterest {}. The key here is keeping it simple!


Take Out Tuesdays is our favorite day of the week. Many restaurants have a Kids Eat Free deal or a discount on adult meals. Make sure to check our Sarasota Moms Blog Kids Eat Free Guide.


Crock Pot Dinner Days. With it being in the middle of the week and maybe feeling like you are loosing steam, a crock pot meal is just what is needed.  Plan the night before what to throw in the morning and enjoy coming home to a house that smells delicious and dinner is ready to eat!


Leftovers. Time to clean out your fridge and get creative! If you are not a fan of leftovers, learn to create a new meal from your leftovers. You will be surprised with what you can create. Get the kids involved for a family activity!


Family Style Night. Pick a theme and do “Make Your Own” bar. For example, bake a bunch of baked potatoes and/or sweet potatoes. In bowls add marshmallows, brown sugar, sour cream, cheese, bacon, cinnamon, etc. Let your kids make their own and use their own creativity. Another idea is a taco bar!

After dinner, a fun treat is to have a popcorn bar. Pop a big bowl of popcorn, then lay out candy, cheese, sauces and whatever else you can come up with and create your own creation! (HUGE hit — not always the healthiest but fun and takes away STRESS.)


Grill Out. The beautiful thing about living in Florida is the ability to grill our year round, so take advantage. Fire up the grill and ask your husband to grill out for the family. Grilled chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs, vegetable kabobs. Marinade it in the morning for more flavor. Also, think ahead to the upcoming week and grill extra food for other meals, lunches, or for tomorrow’s day!


Super Salad Sunday. Create a large bowl of salad and have a variety of toppings. This can be done in a “Make Your Own” style or can be premade for the family to share and enjoy. I recommend throwing on some meat that was grilled out yesterday or use the grill again.


Have fun.

You may be inspired to create different days of the week that work for your family, just pick something and stick to it. Enjoy planning meals and sometimes it’s okay to break the rules and order pizza in! The most important part is to cherish the time around the table with the people you love most.




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