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How to get Creative with Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving is over, and now we are all loaded with leftovers since our children only like to eat the rolls of bread. (Remember to store your leftovers within two hours after your meal is complete!)

Now that your fridge is full of leftovers, what are we gonna eat the next few days? Since we are going to be living off leftovers, here are a few fancy but easy ideas to put a spin on it.

How to Repurpose Thanksgiving Leftovers

Turkey Sliders with Apple Slaw and Cranberry Dijon

Yes! This is a great way to get creative. One way is to add dijon mustard to your cranberry sauce for a yummy sauce. Slice your rolls in half for the bread or grab some Hawaiian rolls. I also love to toss the turkey in BBQ sauce and add an apple slaw on top made from leftover Granny Smith apples. Just julienne the apples, and add some ginger seasoning and apple cider vinegar. You could easily julienne carrots if you wish, but the crunch of the apple is just right for me. Feel free to try other combos, it’s all about getting creative. 


Turkey Pie

The obvious answer here is to make chicken pot pie, except with turkey leftovers instead. It’s awesome and I love a good pot pie. However, one year I had a ton of mashed potatoes and accidentally made a turkey shepherd pie. It was not professional, none of my dishes are, quite frankly, but it was delicious. Simply shred turkey, or you can chop it more finely in a food processor if you prefer. Then toss in peas, carrots and corn along with leftover gravy and simply throw the mashed potatoes on top. Toss in the oven to broil at 325 degrees for only about 15-20 minutes or until potatoes are a nice golden brown on top. Since these items are already cooked it doesn’t need to get very hot, we’re just reheating not recooking.  

Green Bean Casserole Scramble

Don’t knock it until you try it. Grab a bowl, crack 3-8 eggs, depending on how many people you are feeding, scramble the eggs, then fold in some green bean casserole into the eggs. Add to a hot skillet with oil and prepare as you would your typical scrambled eggs. This can work with any other veggie leftovers you have as well. 

Need more ideas?

I bet you can ask your family! Even if you didn’t get to enjoy the holiday with your family, call them and bounce ideas off each other.

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