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Natural Cures: Helping My Kids Feel Better Sooner

Mommy My Throat Hurts!

The kids are back at school, and it didn’t even take two weeks for my sweet little girl to bring home a cold.  It started out innocent enough, with an early morning sore throat. Nothing that a temperature check, a drink of water and her vitamins couldn’t cure.


My Plan of Attack Routine

A sigh of relief, “Great, no fever.” I start my routine of natural cures. A tablespoon of honey and lemon would follow.  Even my big kids want a spoonful still.  I give them an odorless garlic gel capsule that they pop in their mouths and chew.  It is better than having to eat a piece of garlic.  “Garlic possesses many medicinal properties that help cure a cold or cough,” according to an article in Mom Junction.  I give my kids their dose of Zicam for kids, which is a homeopathic zinc chewable and should not be taken within 30 minutes before or after citrus.  I also like to give them their required dose of vitamin D.  To finish off the first line of defense, a big water bottle.  If their cold comes on strong, I mix in Emergen-C for kids. This helps them feel better sooner.

The Clue is in the Eyes

That day, at school pick up, my sweet little one got in the car and her eyes said it all.  Her little voice said to me, “mommy my throat still hurts,” and her sniffles told me, “I don’t feel well,” and her eyes gave me the last clue.  I bit my lip and knew; She has a cold.   I set up a chiropractic appointment to help boost her immune system and off we went. The chiropractor is my family’s go-to defense through many health issues and to maintain good health.  Having gone to the chiropractor since she was born, it’s totally normal for her to hear, “Let’s go to the chiropractor.”

My Chiropractor’s Insight on the Benefits to the Immune System

“Chiropractic treatment is very beneficial to increase the immune system,” said Dr. Colleen Ford.  “The body is made to heal itself and the adjustment promotes the body to function at 100 percent so that it will heal itself.  Nerve interference causes the immune system to lower which then allows a person to be more susceptible to getting ill such as with a cold or the flu.  Children are still building their immune systems so they need their bodies to function at a 100 percent in order to fight off the cold.  Which is why getting adjusted is even more important for all children.”

Let the Whining Begin!

It’s nighttime and she tumbled down the path of sneezy, sleepy and whiny. I had to admit to myself that my tomorrow plans, would be another day’s plan. Rushing around with a few minutes to get those house things on my to-do list checked off, I heard her complain that she was cold.  I thought, “You’re cold in the summer?” Yep, you have a fever.  Reading and listening to other’s advice in the past that a tolerable fever is good for a healthy body to help fight off the infection sooner, I put a hot pack in the microwave and sent her to brush her teeth.  Warm bed, cozy pjs, I set her down with prayers and kisses.

You can say I did a bit of Reflexology on her feet, too.  The feet and hands have plenty of nerve endings. I stimulate the areas that correspond to those parts which are affected during a common cold. The kids love it and in 1 minute it helps them breath better.  Most of the time they are asleep and I am off to bed, right, or am I?

Mama is Ready for Lack of Sleep

There is a house to run and things are not going to take care of themselves. I put the laundry in, while my hubby cleans up the kitchen, unless he is working on homework with my boys.  Where do moms get this nighttime energy from?  Finally I sit and fold the laundry with my favorite show.  Oh yeah, you know, that show when the house is quiet and we get our “Me Time.”  Two folded loads later and it is 11:30pm. Ugh! I had intentions to get rest before the adorable sniffling monster storms into the room and whispers in my ear, “Mommy, I can’t breathe.”  Sure enough, even with all the natural ways I have to treat my children, she woke me up at 3am.  Yep, fever-full little girl in my bed with the sniffles. Stay tuned for the rest of the morning healing routine in my next blog……….


Please contact your child’s doctor for advice with any of my tips.  Consult all medications with your child’s medical provider before giving your children anything.

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