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Voices. Are You Proud of Yours?

On a frighteningly chilly Florida fall day, I was briskly walking to bus duty at the school where I teach when I overheard a student say something that made time stand still for me.

“Oh my gosh, it’s so cold that I can literally see my voice.”

And then it hit me. 

What if we could see each other’s inner voices? Our personal thoughts and opinions? 

Would we speak as often?  Would we slow down?  Would we speak it all or would we notice the person who doesn’t speak often?  What would time look like?  Would we see mental illness in a different light and would we have more tolerance of it? 

If you could see your own voice, would you be proud of it? 

Would you be humbled by the way it effortlessly flows over tongue and through teeth or would you cringe as it cascades o

ut of your mouth, catapulting itself towards it’s nearest victim?  For me, on that particular day in that very moment, the words may not have been coming out of my mouth but they were throwing daggers at my heart and soul.

“You’re not good enough.  You’re not creative enough.”

And the list could go on but I’ll save it because a pity party is the last thing I want or need.  Ladies, self-talk, whether it’s out loud that others may hear or directed inwardly is important; it’s something that we must guard and build up.   

This article from NY Times reports that if you do speak out loud, with either self-motivation or instruction at the basis, you are more likely to encourage problem solving skills as well as task completion. 

Because here’s the thing…whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you need to talk it through.

Did you know that if you engage in positive self-talk that you are more likely to boost your mood, and in turn combat depression naturally?  Did you know that positive self-talk, either verbally or internally, may help to eliminate stress, in turn, perhaps even save your heart? 

The time is now to take those limiting beliefs, turn them around, to rise up and say, “I can.”

So the next time self-doubt or statements full of funk start creeping their way into your overworked and overtired mind, I want you to imagine what would happen if your thoughts, your words, or your voice were put on display for all to see. 

Let’s be kind to ourselves.  We’ve got this.  We’re Sarasota Mom Strong.

With all the good vibes,

Allie D. 


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