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Finding Beauty in the Perseverance and the Promise

perseverance motherhood life goals sarasota

Some days are endless and leave you with tear-stained cheeks and a heart that aches with every beat because they are entangled with rage, anger or sadness. It’s enough to make you quit and throw your hands up while looking above and muttering with shattered breaths, “Why me?”. Life is not for the faint of heart. Mama, it’s ok to have bad days. But it’s not ok to stay there. Persevere.

Don’t you for one second give up on your hike before you’ve reached your mountaintop.

In college, I took a hiking and backpacking class that left me winded and questioning every decision I had ever made. Twenty feet into the hike and I was done. But I persevered. I kept going, partly because my grade depended on it and I wasn’t about to write one more paper, and partly because I wanted to believe in me. I often think about my journey through motherhood, teaching, and entrepreneurship and compare it to those first 20 feet hiked on that day in college. None of it has been easy, nor have I expected it to be.

I knew then and I know now that my story isn’t over, and neither is yours.

Before throwing the towel in on another project lost, an entrepreneurship opportunity, a motherhood moment, or shedding those last 5, or 50, pounds, I want you to think about the beauty and the promise that lay within the perseverance. Think about the triumph and victory that you will have experienced by being courageous enough to pursue what is setting your soul on fire.  Perseverance doesn’t come easy; it’s a beautiful practice that will eventually become habit. 

Here are some practical steps to persevere and claim that steep, inclined climb as yours.

  1. Create an individual and unique mantra statement that you repeat to yourself. 
    Example: I am deserving of success and happiness. 
  2. According to Lee Colan, you must sharpen your focus by eliminating worry. You can do this by reducing the amount of time spent in between worries. Enter: Mantra Statement.
  3. Visualize how it will feel when you get there.
    Check this out: “A study looking at brain patterns in weightlifters found that the patterns activated when a weightlifter lifted hundreds of pounds were similarly activated when they only imagined lifting.” If a weightlifter can simply visualize themselves lifting hundreds of pounds and have their brains affected in the same way, we can certainly visualize ourselves shedding that weight, gaining that confidence, or replacing incomes. 
  4. Put names to your fears and call them out, one by one. You are not your biggest fears even on your worst day. Not even close. This is the promise given to you at birth.
  5. Take action. Execute whatever it is that you need, to get to where you want to go by creating SMART goals. 
  6. Furthermore, as challenges arise, look inward for the lessons. As you learn from your current circumstances and make tiny tweaks along the way, there isn’t much that can stop you.

perseverance motherhood life goals sarasota

As you step forward with a leap of faith and hope in your heart, know that your children are learning to do the same with you. And that, my fellow Mamas, is what it’s all about. Raising tiny humans to become incredible adults that contribute to love, honor and protect everything around them. As you conquer your mountain, you will radiate beauty in every definition of the word. This, I promise you.

With mantras of victory and truth,

Allie D.

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