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Natural Cures: Helping My Kids Feel Better Sooner {Part 2}

Missed Part 1 of my Natural Cures blog post? Read it here and then follow my saga (Part 2) below!

…Morning comes and I tip-toed out the door to help get my boys off to school. My daughter woke up with a fever of 102 and in a great mood. Yes, all I am doing is working. Once again, I give her my natural cures attack routine. Limiting her wheat and milk intake, I start bribing her to give up her morning “Cheeta,” A.K.A. chocolate milk. This will help her not have thick mucus. I sent hubby grocery shopping for the ingredients in my Colombian traditional soup named sancocho. This soup is like a cure all and it helps the kids feel better sooner.

Things are looking up!

She is moving about her day in a good mood but slowly. She is not just going to watch TV today or play video games, she is going to do a small amount of school work. This helps distract her from how she feels. I find that it is better to attempt it after rest and food. I know she will give me only 15 minutes, but at least she is mentally challenged. She has a small appetite, so I give her a variety of nutritional yummies to choose from. Grapes, apples, Jell-O, sancocho soup, dairy-free butternut squash soup, and a few other ones. I would like to give her healthier choices but with this picky eater these are my go-to items.

Day time bath time!

Her sleepy time is arriving faster than normal because she needs more sleep. I grab Epsom salt, sea salt, some essentials oils, such as doTerra On Guard, Just 31 Herbal Oil or Young Living Thieves, add them to the bathtub and run the water temperature to her liking. My kids love this time. The essential oils fill the air and it is their time to relax while the salts and warm water draw out their toxins.

Just 31 and On Guard Essential Oils

Examples of oils for feeling better: Just 31 and On Guard Essential Oils.

Nap Time!

I set up her room with a hot pack (because I know she’s going to get cold). I want to keep her warm, but not too hot so she can burn off those germs.  One day,  I will get a diffuser, but for now my small crock pot that I use for my birthing moms will have to do. I add some drops of eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and tea tree oils. All these oils relax her, help her breathe and some of them kill germs. Slowly but surely, her cold germs will perish. I have her nap for as long as she wants. I know that if she wakes up worse it is probably a three-day cold but….

Note:  I have noticed that the common cold duration ranges from 24 hours to three days in our home. Flu in our house ranges from four to six days. I use different approaches for cold and flu.

We are Out of the Fever Woods

She wakes up. I have her wash her face and brush her teeth and tongue. I believe that when you feel cleaner and smell fresher, your spirits are uplifted and a good mood helps fight off infections better than a bad mood.

Yes, she broke her fever and she feels better, even at night. 

I can’t send her to school in the morning. The school system says kids should be 24 hours without a fever before returning to school. I know some parents probably have to send their kids to school anyway, but she will have a happy, fun, educational, errand-running, healing, restful day. I, on the other hand, will listen to my sleepy mind and try to get more rest tonight.

Missed Part 1? Check it out here: Natural Cures: Helping My Kids Feel Better Sooner

Please contact your child's doctor for advice with any of my tips. All medications should be consulted with your child's medical provider for before giving your children anything.

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