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Pineapple Yoga Studio, A Place for Moms to Feel Renewed

Situated in the heart of downtown Sarasota, Pineapple Yoga Studio offers a tranquil oasis amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life. “The studio’s mission is to provide a healing place for Wellness Community and Spirituality,” according to its website. The business provides a wide range of yoga classes, RYT200 teacher training, workshops, and events at its premier yoga studio and outdoor patio. We sent two of our contributors, Kaye and Melissa, down to try a class out themselves.

Meditation in Motion – By Melissa Bennett

I decided to try out Meditation in Motion, taught by the wonderful Sharon Juraszek.

The 90-minute class is suitable for all levels and helps you go within, through the power of breath, to restore and shift your energy and overall mindset. I’ve done yoga before, but I’d never tried meditation. For a busy mom, this was just what I needed.

I never take a moment for myself, and if I do I’m always thinking of the next job that needs to be done, and even when I think I’m relaxing, my mind is still active. Probably watching something horrendously trashy on TV while scrolling through Instagram on my phone. I never totally switch off, and I think that’s true for a lot of us. Pineapple Yoga Studio

When I arrived at the studio, Sharon was very welcoming and got me set up with a yoga mat and everything I needed to take part. At first, I found my mind kept wandering away to things that had happened that day, things I needed to do, and general daily worries. But, with her help, I managed to stay focused on the mantras and gentle yoga stretches and soon felt completely relaxed. 

Before I knew it the class was coming to an end. My mind and body felt relaxed and rejuvenated and I felt uplifted.

I also noticed that my spine felt stretched and lengthened and the tensions in my body had gone. That night I had the best sleep I have had in ages. Since the class, whenever I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed or stressed out, I’ve adopted some of the breathing techniques we did in the class and it’s really helped.

I saw a quote once that said, ‘you are one yoga class away from a good mood’, and it couldn’t be truer of my experience visiting Pineapple Yoga Studios. I’ve not only found a great venue for a yoga class, I’ve also learned that it’s really important to listen to your body and take time out for your wellness. So, I’ve made a promise to myself to try and go back as often as I can. ~ Melissa Bennett. 


Power Sculpt Class – By Kaye Sowder Dixon  

Growing up, I played softball and danced competitively. As incredible as that experience was, my body took a toll. By my early 20s, I was experiencing physical pain that most either never experience or if they do, it’s much later in life. Dealing with a torn meniscus and arthritis in my knee, I turned to yoga to heal and repair my body.

I’ve been to many yoga studios in my journey to healing, and was eager to step into Pineapple Yoga Studio.

I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews, and now I understand why. 

First of all, the studio is absolutely stunning. It’s got a vibe of zen and relaxation without the overwhelming feeling like you aren’t right at home practicing yoga in your own living room. Perhaps, the addition of the fireplace and low-level lighting and wooden plank ceilings helps. It’s gorgeous inside.

I decided to take the Power Sculpt class in response to my desire to concentrate on my muscle development.

It was harder than I thought! I walked away feeling like I deeply meditated, completely stretched out and like I went to the gym for a full body weight workout. I LOVED IT. I adored how concentrated the movements were by still reaping the benefits of the deep stretch you can get from the yoga practice. I felt re-charged all day.

I plan on going back for more classes at Pineapple Yoga Studio and look forward to this being a regular class for me while I proceed through my pregnancy.

I’ve since been back to the studio for a Saturday morning class with my mom and she loved it. As busy working moms, this studio is just what we need to recharge. I’d encourage anyone, of any level, to attend a class and find the right fit for you. ~ Kaye Sowder Dixon

Sarasota Moms Blog writers recommend Pineapple Yoga Studio.

The practice of yoga itself brings awareness to what you need to work on in your body, whether it’s flexibility, awareness, self-love, strength or a combination. Pineapple Yoga Studio offers a range of classes for the beginner to the experienced and in between. We adore the boutique environment of the studio as a quiet, friendly and tranquil space to restore. 

Learn more about the variety of classes here.  

Thank you to Pineapple Yoga Studio for sponsoring and hosting our 1st Annual Mom Prom this year. Their space is a beautiful place to host events, such as wedding receptions, baby showers, galas, or even fundraisers! We cannot recommend this space enough!

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