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Pure Barre Drop Out : Embracing My Mom bod

Let’s be honest. When I first joined Pure Barre it was my birthday and I was turning 33. The baby weight from my 9-month-old still had not come off. I thought after having a baby you were supposed to lose weight, not gain it! Safe to say after stepping on the scale the night before my birthday, looking at my “sexy” mom bod in the mirror and the purchase of my first official one piece, I was determined. Determined to get my body “right and tight.” 

On my birthday I was throwing around #idowhatiwant hashtags like a desperate 20-something-year-old girl throws around her sexy eyes, looking for free drinks. 

My first class wasn’t terrible. In fact, I left there feeling empowered! Invigorated! I was like… YEAH! I got this!  
I posted pictures on social media. I’m not sure if it was to help keep myself accountable or just to relish in my new revelation that I was going to live a healthy life. 

Week one…

I attended 4 classes. The idea of it all was still fresh and new so the excitement was at an all time high. I left there barely able to walk and I thrived off of that. 

Week 2…

I was down to 3 classes…life was getting in the way and reality was work and family came first. 

Week 3…

Down to 2 classes… the idea of Pure Barre was no longer exciting… In fact, I seemed to berate myself mentally thinking, “Who’s idea was this???!” during every bend and tuck. “Shake,” they say… shake??!! I might pass out! My mom bod clearly wasn’t prepared for what I was putting it though! 

Week 4….


That’s it ladies… 3 weeks… I made it 3 weeks.

Truth be told, my ultimate decision was to throw in the towel. I gave up. My #idowhatiwant meant giving up. Do I want to live this amazingly healthy life? Yes. Do I want my 20-year-old pre-child body back? Yes. But reality is it’s not coming back! No matter what I do or how many classes I take. My body has been stretched and pulled. I have birthed 3 wonderful children over a 10 year period and I need to learn to embrace the new me! Yes, I am a smaller person by nature but setting all judgments aside about me and all the “skinny girls” out there, let’s remember that all of us have our hang ups about our bodies. All of us have things about ourselves that we want to change. I think for a woman, being comfortable naked is really the ultimate goal. 
But the reality is some of us want it more than others. One day I’ll want it badly enough. One day I will put myself first. But for now, I’m okay with having my “mom bod.” For now I’m OK with putting my family and work in front of my right and tight body.
So, for now I will forgo structured classes and settle for my 2 pound weights and yoga mat in the corner of my bedroom.

You may be asking yourself… “does she recommend Pure Barre or not?”

Well ladies, the answer is yes. I personally do not enjoy a work out that requires running or cardio. I will just be honest and say that if I’m running you should run too, because something must be chasing me. But ultimately I really did and do enjoy their classes; it is a challenge but it’s definitely something that is doable and fun. 
I always left there feeling accomplished and my body definitely knew that I had just kicked its butt. You do have to be mentally strong to push through the shake and force yourself to not give up. Like with most things, if you want results you have to want it bad enough. 

For now I will own being a Pure Barre drop out who is embracing my mom bod!

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