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What Gets Me Off the Couch, and to the Gym: A New Perspective on Working Out

working out excercise health sarasota

We’ve all been there…

One day it hits you that it’s been a hot minute (or two..or three) since you laced up those tennis shoes and hit the gym or gone on a run. And even though you know you should get off the couch and get your body moving it’s hard to find the energy…plus Netflix automatically started the next episode of New you have to watch it. It’s fate, right? 

Motivation to start working out often comes easily. We want our “pre baby” bodies back. Summer is just around the corner and you wanna rock it at the beach. That date night dress you’ve been eyeing isn’t gonna wear itself! But what happens when the novelty of those new shoes and gym membership wears off? 

A new kind of motivation.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have shamed myself into many a workout in the past. “You have let yourself go.” “Be a good example to the kids; show them how to be the best version of yourself.” “All those celebrities can lose the weight quickly…bet they didn’t do that by sitting on the couch.”

And you know where that got me? It got me 20 minutes into working out — and counting down the seconds until it could just be done. I struggled with exercising consistently because there was nothing reinforcing about shaming myself into working out. Then I had an epiphany last spring that drastically changed my perspective. 

My inspiration for working out.

I was sitting in a hospital in Davenport, Iowa. My grandfather had been in ICU for about a month and I took a trip to visit him. In between watching baseball games and updates from his specialists I watched the physical therapists try to help everyone on that floor regain their strength and fight for their lives. I cheered my grandfather on as he took 10 more steps than he did yesterday and help him make a plan to take 10 more tomorrow. And then I thought about how many excuses I make for myself every day to not push myself. I knew it had to end. 

working out running sarasota

You were made for more. 

As cheesy as it sounds, remember that our bodies are an amazing gift. If you have the ability to run, jump, lift, bike, hike — do it! Don’t look at your daily workout as something you HAVE to do, but think about it as something you GET to do. It changes how you view your whole life.

Running has taken me to the Rocky statue in Philly, over the Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg, through two Disney parks, and straight down Notre Dame Ave in Indiana.

But more than the things I’ve seen and the miles I’ve accumulated, I have proven to myself that I am physically and mentally stronger than I ever thought I was. I have challenged myself and found a sense of worth and accomplishment that I haven’t felt in a long time. 

working out excercise health sarasota

Find what you love. 

Maybe running isn’t your thing. That’s totally ok. Working out can come in many forms. Join a dance class, find a local yoga studio, grab a swimsuit and get some laps in. Get a Saturday morning hike in at Myakka State Park. Find what you love and go after it and enjoy it! Don’t know where to start? We’ve come up with a great guide to the best places to get your fitness on. Check it out here! Get up and get moving, I promise you won’t regret it!



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