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DIY–Christmas List Ornament

A Handmade Ornament

A few years ago, I took my daughter to a Michael’s craft workshop. It was a typical Florida December morning, sunny and hot, but I was determined to get us in the Christmas spirit. I highly recommend keeping an eye open for Michael’s Saturday morning kids crafts. They offer a variety of crafts and their December crafts are so fun!

We sat down to make an ornament with my daughter’s Christmas list safely tucked inside. Now we make one of these every year! My daughter loves to look back on her lists from previous years. We talk about the list being a ‘wish’ list, so she may not receive everything on it. She really enjoys making this ornament every year, so we want to share our tradition with you!


This is what we use. I get a clear plastic ornament from the Dollar Tree (or Michael’s, Walmart, JoAnn’s — they all sell them), scrapbooking paper in festive colors, markers, glitter glue and some festive ribbon. I’d say the total cost of the craft will depend on what you have on hand in your craft supplies. Our Christmas list ornament only cost me $1 because I had everything except the plastic ornament on hand.

Make Your List, Check it Twice

I cut the scrapbook paper into strips with fancy scissors. Then my daughter starts putting all of her wishes down onto the paper.

Stuff the ball

We roll or fold the pieces of scrapbook paper up and fill the ornament ball. If the ball is full, no more items can be added to the wish list! Mom-win!

Add Some Trim

This year’s ornament only has a few ‘wishes’ inside.

Final Touch

Add the year in glitter glue. I only have one kiddo, so I always know whose list is in the ball, but you can definitely write the year on one side and your child’s name on the other. I love a Christmas craft that is kid powered!

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