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Don’t Want to Fill All Those Easter Eggs? Get Crafty Instead!

This is the first year that my daughter will not have any sort of Easter celebration at school. She started kindergarten at the public school, so obviously religious holidays are no longer celebrated as we were used to doing in preschool. I decided that since she won’t be celebrating at school, we should definitely get all of our Easter decorations out of the attic as early as possible and go to as many Easter egg hunts as we can!

And speaking of Easter egg hunts, does anyone else feel like those plastic Easter eggs breed in the attic while tucked away throughout the year? Why do we have so many of these things? I definitely don’t want to have to fill all of these, so I decided to make an Easter craft with them!

O Easter Tree, O Easter Tree!

Gather up your supplies. Here’s what I used. The only item I actually had to purchase to make this craft was the Styrofoam cone because I had the Easter grass on hand. I love when I can pull together a craft using supplies I already have on hand. It’s a total win-win!

Easter Tree Supplies

Plastic Easter eggs, a Styrofoam cone and Easter grass. You’ll also need a hot glue gun.

Glue, baby, glue!

The next step is to start gluing the eggs to the foam cone. I just used eggs that I already had, but you could go wild with this. You could spray paint the eggs all one color or roll them in glitter. The possibilities are endless! I didn’t really use any pattern or have a clear intention while doing this. My only thought was to use as many eggs as possible and keep the gaps between them to a minimum.

Easter Tree in progress

Stuff the grass in!

Fill in any gaps in between the eggs with the Easter grass. I used green crinkle paper kind, but you can choose any color that fits your color scheme or theme.


easter egg craft sarasota


This Easter craft project took me less than half an hour from start to finish. And now I have an awesome start to my Easter dinner tablescape!

Easter egg tree craft sarasota

Ooops, NOT Done…

I was so proud of my Easter craft that I could not wait to show my daughter when she came home from school. After a mini meltdown she used her words to explain to me that she was jealous that I had done the craft without her. She wanted to do her own holiday craft. To appease my mom guilt I whipped out a bunny stamp!

Another Easter Craft: A Bunny Stamp

Here’s what we used:


Construction paper, paper towel roll, paint, scissors, and a glue gun. Again, I had all of these supplies on hand and I bet you do, too! You don’t have to use a paper towel roll, a toilet paper roll would work just as well. And your bunnies do not have to be white. Any color of paint would make adorable bunnies.

Next, I cut the paper towel roll into 3 parts. I squished two pieces of the roll together to make ears and then glued them all together to make a bunny head.

easter bunny crafts sarasota

Time to stamp it out!

easter bunny craft sarasotaeaster bunny paint craft sarasota

A quick tip…make sure your pieces are flat and all the same length or you won’t get paint onto your stamp evenly. (And that can cause DRAMA!) After you have stamped all of your bunnies out, let them dry, then add some details.

And here is the final Easter craft product. But be prepared, as soon as we finished, my daughter wanted to make more!

easter craft bunny sarasota


We plan to use our stamp to make Easter cards for grandparents and friends!

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