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Memorial Day Reflection: Sacrifices Come in Many Forms, and All Should be Honored

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter the words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy

Memorial Day: A day to remember…

This weekend, families all over America will enjoy an extra day off work. Friends will come together for barbecues and pool parties. People will pull together their best red, white, and blue ensemble.

But at its core, Memorial Day is a day for us all to celebrate our nation, and most importantly, our freedom. And the brave members of the military who protect it.

We see images every day from countries all over the world who are experiencing constant terror, slavery, and war. And although it is undeniable that our county has been experiencing a volatile political season, our ability to openly argue and debate about our government officials, and our own political stances, are the result of incredible sacrifice made by men and women over the course of our nation’s history.

Family Ties

This day always reminds me of the incredible men and women that I know who have served and who currently serve our country.

My mom’s father, Lawrence Huber, served our country as a dentist in the Air Force.

He and his wife, Colletta, who was pregnant with her first child, gave up the comfort of their home and proximity to family when my grandfather was sent to Tripoli, Libia. Although he wasn’t a combat soldier, he gave up his time and talents to serve those who were. His servant heart has stayed with him throughout his life. And he continues to have incredible respect for those who continue to serve our country.

My father’s father, Jacque Mitchell, served in the Navy, and had the tattoos to prove it!

He spent time stationed in Texas and San Diego over the course of two years. His time in the service was cut short by a car accident, but the impact of the service stayed with him for the remainder of his life as well. He was never afraid of hard work, or lending a helping hand to whomever needed it. His strong and gentle soul will always be something I admire. 

My brother-in-law Tim Sweeney, who is a Pine View graduate, just completed his second year at West Point, the United States Military Academy.

As long as I have known Tim, he has felt the calling to serve our country in the military. Although still in school, his sacrifice has already started with early mornings, long days, grueling physical demands, and years of his life promised to our country. His courage and strength are inspiring, and I am honored to have watched his journey thus far!

Share your gratitude

This Memorial Day and beyond, take a moment away from social media, BBQs and cookouts, and from the chaos of life. Thank those who have sacrificed their life for your freedom. Volunteer your time, talents, or money to organizations who support local veterans. Say a prayer for those who have lost a loved one in times of war and peace. Teach your children about gratitude, and the incredible freedoms we are able to share as Americans every day.

Happy Memorial Day, and God bless America!



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