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A Patriotic 4th of July Craft and Recipe

It’s summertime! And in southwest Florida that means fickle weather, yay! We decided to beat the ‘stay inside it’s raining blues’ by crafting some 4th of July masterpieces and baking a yummy treat.

Let Freedom Ring Windsock

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Red, white, and blue crepe paper; 2 pieces of cardstock; red, white, and blue decorations; string. Not pictured: stapler and glue.


Our process

The first step in this craft is to decorate your cardstock. I picked up this patriotic table confetti from the dollar store. My daughter happily glued the stars onto the paper. Try to leave about an inch-wide border free of decoration on the sides. You can also use star stickers or if you’re really brave, glitter!

Let the glue on your decorations dry, otherwise they’ll slide off during the next step. Take your cardstock and staple it together forming a cylinder or tube.

My child decided the windsock would be a good hat. Haha!

When she put the cylinder on her head it occurred to me that this craft could be modified to make Uncle Sam hats as well. If anyone ends up trying that, I’d love to see a pic in the comments!

Next we got down to business stapling crepe paper to the bottom of our windsock (not hat, lol), alternating the colors as we went along. I did the stapling because as a child I stapled my finger and it’s one of my irrational fears that my daughter will, too! But she enjoyed her job of ripping the crepe paper tails into various lengths.

And then we punched holes in the sides, tied string and hung up our patriotic windsock! I hope by the 4th of July it will be a bit drier so we can hang it outside.


Firecracker Cookies-yum!

Since it was still raining and we were on a 4th of July roll, we decided to make celebratory cookies!

Here are the supplies you need:

Sugar cookie dough, frosting, Pop Rocks in red and blue.

So, here’s the deal… if you want to make sugar cookies and frosting from scratch, you’re amazing! There was a time I was totally down for doing that, and I’m sure those cookies will be more delicious. I just chose the easiest way this time! I let my daughter do each step herself, and since I wanted her to have success, we kept it simple. 

Our process

First, bake your cookies.

Next, frost your cookies.

They start popping as soon as they touch the frosting, so watch out!

And then decorate with the Pop Rocks and enjoy! The Pop Rocks were a totally new experience for my 5-year-old. She definitely had a love/hate relationship with the popping. In the end she thought it was fun.






We Were Slimed—Craft FAIL!

My kiddo has been asking me for months to try and make slime. Then summer started and every other commercial on Nick, Jr. is the Elmer’s Glue commerical talking about how easy it is to make slime. So, I caved. I looked up the recipe on 

Here’s what we used:

Bottle of white glue, baking soda, contact solution, food coloring, glitter, and sequins (which never made it into the slime).

We followed Elmer’s directions: poured a whole bottle of glue into a bowl, mixed in the baking soda and food coloring before adding the contact solution.

And then we stirred and stirred and stirred some more. And since that seemed to get us nowhere, we dumped our concoction out to try and knead it like the directions indicated.

Basically, we made goo, not slime.

I’m not sure where we went wrong. But I’ve told my daughter we’ll get another bottle of glue and try again later this summer! If you have a different, and successful, recipe for slime I’d love for you to share it in the comments section!

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy 4th of July!!

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