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Stop Envying Other People’s Gardens (Marriages) and Water Your Own!

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If your life is anything like mine it is pure chaos! Between work and children I feel like there are so many lost opportunities to stay connected with my husband. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our lives outside of each other that we start to lose touch. Carpool and the kids’ activities take priority over our relationships, and our marriages seem to get forgotten. Maybe that is part of the reason why the divorce rate is so high in today’s era.

We have to think of our relationships like flowers.

You can’t simply plant a flower, walk away from it and expect it to bloom. It needs water, it needs plant food. We look at other people’s gardens and envy how beautiful and well-kept they are. We want that but often are not willing to put in the work ourselves.

There are many things that we can hire people to do. If we want a nice lawn, we can hire someone to mow and manicure it. If we want a clean house, we can hire someone to make it sparkle. However, there is one thing in life that we can’t hire someone for and that is to take our place and nurture our relationships and marriages.

I thought about the fact that our relationships get pushed aside. That people find it easier to go out and pick a new flower (partner) than to just water the one they have. After I came to the conclusion that this is just unacceptable, I came up with a list of things that we can do daily to help stay connected with our spouses.

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Write love letters

Does one spouse leave for work before the other? Start a notebook that stays on the bathroom counter or another central location that can be accessed by both. Use it to write little love notes back and forth.

Leave hidden notes

There is something about a surprise note in your lunch box or random card on your driver’s seat that can really make a person feel special!

Communicate with GIF’s

GIF’s are hilarious and a super fun way to laugh with your partner throughout the day.

Perform an act of service

Go volunteer together! If volunteering requires time that you don’t have, see what you can do for each other around the house!

Go to bed at the same time

Often times one person will go to bed before the other. This can create a disconnection in intimacy. Whether it is just a little cuddle time before bed or maybe a little more… the important part is valuing the time you do have together.

Cook together

Team work makes the dream work and working together as a team can help to strengthen the bond between spouses.

Fold laundry together

Chores are often the source of arguments. Typically, one feels they do more than the other and it can create a lot of built up resentment. Turn on your favorite show and fold that laundry!

Go on evening walks

Leave the phones at home and just enjoy nature!

Get up early and have a cup of coffee together

Let’s be honest, watching the news can be kind of a drag! Leave the TV off, grab a cup of Joe and talk about what is on your agenda for the day!

Work out together

Couples who work out together stay together! Okay, this isn’t a proven fact but people who feel good about themselves physically, are happier people. Happier people = Happier marriages!

Play video games

If you’re the gaming type, pick up a remote and play! Maybe you like sports, or card games. Pick something you both enjoy and make time for it!

Go fishing

We do live in Florida! The beach is in our backyard! Grab some fishing poles and go catch some fish. If fishing isn’t your thing take a walk on the beach or go watch the sunset!

Kiss hello and goodbye

Stay intimate.

Comment below and let us know what you and your spouse love to do to water your own garden!

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