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6 Aha Moments from My Mom’s Day Out

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Aha #Momlife Moments

6 Aha Momlife Moments

No matter how much you love your kid or kids, sometimes moms just need a day out. An entire day to refresh and have some quality time with yourself, because after all, you can’t pour from an empty cup. A few months ago, I left our little man at home with daddy and took myself on a day out. I left in the morning and didn’t come home until the evening. The journey actually taught me a lot about myself and mom life in general. I jotted down these six “Aha Moments” from my Mom’s Day Out in hopes they would inspire you, and make you think or laugh because you feel the same way.

6 Aha Moments From My Mom’s Day Out:

1. Say it.

It’s OK to tap in and say that you need a mommy me day! I always felt like I was admitting failure to say hey, I need a day! A whole day! No way, this momma gig is hard work and it’s OK to tap into your relatives, husband or babysitters and ask for a whole day to yourself. It clears your head, it’s a major de-stressor and really refreshes you. There used to be a whole other person inside of you somewhere and every once in awhile it’s OK to go and enjoy something that makes you tick. For me, it’s shopping, style and all things girly!

2. Slow down.

First things first, I started out my shopping day at Hobby Lobby. I was halfway through the store when I realized I was running through it like I was on that TV show “Supermarket Sweep”! Literally, I stopped dead in my tracks and told myself to calm down and enjoy looking. I am so used to running through stores in a hurry because I have an active toddler, that I forgot I didn’t have him and it was OK to peruse at my own leisure. I literally went back to the front of the store and started all over again.

Take note: Since realizing I was always in such a hurry to get in and out of places and that I was missing the fun sometimes, I have learned to slow down and enjoy, even if there are minor interruptions or meltdowns along the way! If you are in a mad dash all the time, try slowing down and enjoy the fun of the outing.

3. Can I bring a stroller with me anyways?

I missed having a stroller! Who would have ever thought that having a stroller to push through stores and get in and out of the car would be missed? It just so happens to be an awesome spot for your phone, purse and drink! I seriously contemplated bringing it with me even though my son wasn’t there! Ha! It’s way smoother than a cart and the handle has less germs, ha.

4. Enjoy eating.

I have never been one to sit down and eat a meal out by myself, but it was so refreshing. I would encourage you to sit down at your favorite restaurant and enjoy every bite of what you ordered. Especially for us moms with littles, eating in general is hard because you are constantly trying to get your child to sit down, take more bites or sip their drinks. Then when you finally get to take a bite of your food, it’s completely cold or soggy. Yum. For real, take a book or your iPad and catch up on your favorite blogs or shop online uninterrupted while you savor every mouthful. Believe me, your mind will be refreshed and your taste buds will thank you.

5. Relish in the silence.

Remember when you first started driving and you listened to whatever music fancied you at the moment in the loudest volume you could? Well, along the way you started listening to the Frozen soundtrack or kids Christian bops every single time you get in the car. As soon as we get in our car, I look at my son’s face in the rear-view mirror and know instantly he is waiting for momma to deliver his tunes. Now when I get in the car by myself, I don’t want to listen to a single song. I want peace and I want quiet. Funny how things change, right? Enjoy the quiet and drive like you have nowhere to go in a hurry.

6. Hover and Check in.

You look at your phone a hundred times to make sure daddy or your sitter doesn’t need you. If you are like me, you are a self-proclaimed helicopter mom. Hovering is the name of the game and I can openly admit I am great at it. On my mom’s day out, I will quickly peek at my phone to make sure that all is well. #Obsessedmuch? Embrace your inner helicopter if you are one; look and don’t be ashamed of it. After you look, put it away, keep strolling and enjoying your day. #helicoptermomsunite


Have you had any of these thoughts on your mom’s day out? What do you do on your day off? Share your mom life aha moments with us in the blog comments section or on the Sarasota Moms Blog Facebook page.

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