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Craft Corner – How to Make an Autumn Wreath

So we all know that autumn in Florida means absolutely nothing! It’s still hot, and everything’s still green. So we have to be creative, and make our own autumn right? 

Here’s a quick and easy Autumn Craft for you to try with your littles and it’ll sure make your front door look seasonal this month. 

How to make an Autumn Wreath 

What you’ll need:

A paper plate (any size)


Hole punch


Orange / Red paint 

Autumnal foam cutouts or stickers

Get started:

Firstly, you’ll need a paper plate. I’ve experimented with small and medium plates and found that the small plates worked better when I was making them with a class, but if you’re just doing it at home, you should have the time to do a larger plate. 

Top tip: Use a paper plate. Nothing sticks well to plastic coated plates. 

Step 1:

Cut the inside of your paper plate out so that you are left with an ‘O’ shape. At the point I also used a hole punch to make two holes in the top (to thread ribbon later).

Step 2:

Now you can paint your wreath. I mixed red and yellow to create an autumnal red color as a base. 

Step 3:

Now that you’ve left your plate to dry, you can start to decorate. You can use anything for this, like actual leaves and twigs that you’ve found with your littles. Or, you can use foam shapes and stickers. I found these foam pieces in Michaels art and craft store. 

On a small plate we used 10 foam pieces. One larger one to form a centerpiece, plus 9 smaller pieces and glitter to fill in the rest. Let your children decorate it as they please. 

Step 4:

Now it’s time to loop ribbon through the holes you made earlier and tie into a bow. And it’s ready to hang up on your door. 

Have fun and tag us in your creations on Facebook and Instagram so that we can see what you make! 

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