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Craft Corner – Make A Christmas Eve Box & Find Your New Christmas Tradition

Make A Christmas Craft Box

Make memories year after year, with this beautiful Christmas Eve Box.

If you hadn’t already guessed, I absolutely love the Christmas holidays. My son’s already seen Santa, I managed to convince my husband to allow me to fulfill a dream of having my own 10ft tree in the house, and we’ve already started working our way through our favorite films of the season.

As a child, Christmas Eve was always the most exciting day of the holidays. My sister and I would listen out for the jingle of Santa’s sleigh while we desperately tried to stay awake to get a glimpse of him. Then we’d wake to find our dressing gowns at the bottom of our beds and letters thanking us for helping deliver presents. In reality, my nan would precariously tiptoe on the stairs outside our room jingling bells.

I hold these cherished memories close to my heart.

Fast-forward to today, and this is the first year that my son really understands what Christmas is all about, and he’s totally fallen in love with the magic of it all. I felt that it was the perfect time to start our own ‘new’ tradition as a family and make him a Christmas Eve box.

What is a Christmas Eve box?

A Christmas Eve Box is a present you give your child the day before Christmas. It usually includes small gifts, such as Christmas pajamas, hot cocoa, some chocolates, a Christmas book or DVD, and a plate on which to put cookies and milk for Santa. There are no rules though, so it’s a nice tradition to start with your family. You can choose to fill it with small gifts that mean something to you all, year after year. 

What box did I use?

I bought a 12″ x 9″ unfinished wooden box from Michael’s, retailing at $8.99. 

I also bought wooden alphabet letters to spell out my son’s name on the top of the box. I had to buy two packets of the Wood Alphabet Letter Set (unfinished pine) to have enough letters. These are 1.75″ tall and 3mm thick.

Wooden letters painted with glitter.

I decided not to paint the box itself because I liked the unfinished wooden look, but I used red glitter glue (with a gold edge) on the letters to make them stand out. I left them to dry overnight and found that as the glitter dried I needed to touch up certain areas.

Adding some card to the inside of the box makes it extra special.

Michaels has a huge selection of paper and cardstock. I was looking for something timeless, so I chose a piece of gold cardstock with animals on it to place inside the box. If you draw a box template around the card, it’s easy to cut this out and get the right size. Next was the fun part, what was I going to put in Rafferty’s box?

What’s in my box?

What’s inside my Christmas Eve box?


Pajamas and slippers from Gymboree.


I wanted some super-Christmassy pajamas for Rafferty to cozy-up in on Christmas Eve, so I purchased some Santa pajamas from Gymboree (retailing at $29.95 but they had a $10 off offer). I also got the Santa slipper socks ($9.95, half price). 

$5, Target

There’s something really magical about snow globes. My son is under 3, so I wanted something small and sturdy. I found these small snow globes in Target. 

Various plates can be found at Marshalls.

I found the perfect plate ($4.99) in Marshalls to put Santa’s cookies and carrots for his reindeer. I chose a china plate, but if you were worried about breakages, I did see melamine plates for $1.99 in Target.

Merry Christmas from The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We have a lot of Christmas films with our TV package, so I decided to get a book instead, and chose the Hungry Caterpillars Christmas ($6.99, Home Goods). I loved this book because it was a celebration of all that is festive during the holiday season. 

Christmas Eve isn’t complete without a snuggle and a hot cocoa, so I purchased a Snowman soup set ($3.99 from Home Goods) and a small Santa mug ($3 from Target).

Growing up my parents always put a bag of gold chocolate coins in our stockings, so I finished off the box with some gold coins that I found in Aldi. 

Depending on the age of your children, you could also include:

  • A Puzzle / Activity
  • A Game
  • A ‘Nice List’ certificate (Template from Pinterest)
  • A Gift from your Elf
  • A Key for Santa (for homes without chimneys)
  • Reindeer Food (made with oats, sparkles, and glitter so that they can find their way to your home)
  • A Candy Cane
  • A special Tree Ornament

For me, this new tradition is about building up the excitement of Christmas and sharing a hot cocoa and film (or story) with your little ones, rather than feeling like I needed to spend a fortune. I’m really happy with the finished box and I can’t wait to see Rafferty’s face when he opens it on Christmas Eve. The beauty of this craft is that it can be as simple or creative as you’d like it to be. Let us know what your Christmas eve box looks like and what you’ve put inside by using the hashtag #sarasotamomsblog. 


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