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I’m Weary. Confessions From an Overworked Mom.

Every morning, the alarm goes off and it’s the same weary routine.

Religiously, the alarm blares at 5:30am and immediately I am frantically finding the snooze button that I have told myself I can hit at least 2 more times before I have to get up.

As I lay there, trying to savor the last few moments of rest, I begin to think of all the things I have to do. Before being overworked even begins.

I have to shower. I have to get the kids up. Did I make lunches?

My son has to take something to school, but what was it? Was he supposed to wear a certain shirt? I can’t remember.

Then let’s think, this week we have dance and soccer. I have a meeting. And the list just keeps going; my thoughts are only interrupted by the second alarm going off. I decide that this second round of “snooze” I’ll focus on resting, yet my mind wanders.

Recently, as I drove to work like I do every day, with a list of things I have to do scrolling through my mind, it dawned on me. I do not have to do any of this. I do not have to be overworked.  I could choose to stay home instead work and not provide money for my kids. I could not put my kids in activities. I could decide not to own and run a full-time business… None of these things that I lay in bed dwelling on do I have to do…

Then it hit me. I GET to.

I get to raise my children.

I get to break up arguments and I get to teach them that smacking someone when you disagree is completely socially unacceptable. I get to make them meals and hold them when they cry. I get to. Many women don’t get to. They may be unable to have children. Yet, I get to have these moments of laughter and complete chaos in my house.

I get to go to work.

I get to work with students and share my love of math. I get to earn an income and benefits — something that many are unable to do. Some cannot find and secure a job. Every morning {during the school year}, I get to work. I get to have my summers off and I get to be there for my children.

I get to run an amazing business with amazing people.

Even though it sometimes leaves me wiped out, there are people who would love to get to work on something that they full heartily love. I get to do that. I get to be creative and work with people. I get to see a community come together. I get to make a difference.

And I get to clean up my home. I get to cook meals. I get to make lunches. I get to be overworked. 

Many families around us do not have some of these luxuries.

This led to a change in heart for this overworked but thankful mom.

Of course, I could not with a clear conscience send my kids to school without a bath, clean clothes and a lunch, but I do not have to do those things. I truly get to and this change in my state of mind has helped me enjoy the mundane moments of motherhood, work, and being an entrepreneur.

Life is made up of moments and we have the choice to enjoy them or resent them. I’m working on focusing on all the things I get to do instead of making them a tiresome list.


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