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Let’s Get Through the End of the School Year, Shall We? Tips to Get It Together.

The end of the school year is hard.  On everyone.

I am a teacher and I’m a mama.  This school year was an incredible year of firsts for us.  We have a kindergartner who started karate and a preschooler who is still a dinosaur. I started at a new school and my husband went back to work weekdays.

Even so, it’s the end of the year and I’m tired. 

I’m tired, my kids are tired, my husband’s tired and my students are tired.

I’m fed up with packing the same lunch in a lunchbox for the 180th time that comes home lukewarm and untouched.  I’m over telling my students that kindness matter, because it does.  This is the first summer that I’m choosing not to teach summer school.

At home, bedtime gets a little slack.  Homework is a little more rushed.  And Mama’s feeling like she needs more date nights with her guy.   Kids are feeling the pull of the freedom and quality time that summertime brings as it draws closer and closer — and so am I. 

The countdown is on.

Routines may seem monotonous but they can save you from the end of the year slump if you can just stick with them. 

Rushed mornings only lead to rushed hugs, voices, and feet.  Most often, you, Mama, are left feeling frustrated, disappointed, and flustered, as are your children and anyone who crosses your path.  In my opinion, it’s not even an option to start your day like that.  As tired as I am at night, there are a few things that we always do to make sure our days start out on the right foot.

Here are some tips for you to get through the end of the school year with ease and organization:

  1. Pack lunches the night before. 

    This saves you time and mental energy in the morning.  Think about the time it takes to pack lunches for a family of four.  Now take that time, set it aside, and drink some HOT coffee instead.  Your morning is already better, right?

  2. Pick out and set out clothes the night before.

    The power — or creativity — struggle is real.  The majority of the time, I could care less what my kids pick out.  I think it’s cute when kids put on their favorite pieces and rock them.  There are times, though, that my kids need to match, or at least look put together, so I give them two choices.  They pick, I set it out, we all win.  I lay out everything from shirts to socks.  Ain’t no one got time to look for that stray matching sock…if you’re the type that matches socks.

  3. Pack backpacks the night before and set them by the door.

    If you’re really advantageous, I’d even put them in the car, already ready to go.  It’s one less thing that you have to think about or tell your child to put on/grab/etc.  It’s not fun looking for a reading folder 15 minutes after you should have already left.

  4. Put your car keys in the same place, every day.

    I can’t even begin to count the amount of times that my husband has misplaced my keys (see what I did there?).  We put our keys in the same place, daily.  They’re always there and my keys are no longer lost inside my insanely large purse. 

  5. Get up before your kids.

    I know…I hear your eyes rolling.  You’re tired.  I get it.  But let me tell you, lady: it is so much easier when you get up just 10 minutes before your kids to get yourself together.  It makes all the difference.

Those are my tips!  Take them or leave them, but regardless, let’s finish this school year with zest, class, and intention.

Patiently awaiting summer,

Allie D.

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