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Making Friends After a Miscarriage

When I first moved to Bradenton, I was so excited!  We were expecting a new baby, starting a new job, and beginning a new journey as a family.

My excitement of this move slowly changed when I learned I had a miscarriage after three years of trying for our second baby. 

I had just joined a moms group when all of this happened. One day, during the midst of my sadness, a mom from the group told me she was going to drop something off at my house. I had not met her yet and was still dealing with my miscarriage and the move.  I really wanted to tell her not to come over but she was bringing a fire truck for my son.  When I opened the door I knew that I looked and felt like crap, and she was all dolled up. She was friendly and introduced herself, and I smiled even though I was in so much pain.
As we chatted a bit she asked me about myself.  I answered the basic questions, regarding work and my son.  But I also opened up and told her I had just miscarried and was dealing with that.  She asked if there was anything else I needed before returning to her kids, who were waiting in the car. What did I need? A shower, a babysitter, a tissue, an answer of why I had a miscarriage. But instead I kept it in and I smiled and said “I am good, thank you.”

She left and I felt alone. But fortunately, that didn’t last too long.

Thankfully, that woman, the only woman I had met so far, was a coordinator with the moms group I had just joined. She invited me out to a Moms Night Out. I was not sure I was ready to go out. I was sad, depressed and angry at the world. But she faithfully encouraged me that getting out was what I needed to move on.  
I decided to go and get my mind off the depression I was feeling. I’m thankful for her invitation because it introduced me to a group that has become an important part of my life and introduced me to so many moms that have become my best friends.

This woman, who I now call a friend, could have easily dropped the item off at my door and not said a word to me, but instead she took a moment to introduce herself to me and see how I was doing. And she followed up by encouraging me to get out of the house to cheer up and meet other moms — some who have also gone through a miscarriage themselves.  I meet moms every day and tell them about this amazing moms group that kept my mind off the sadness I had. My calendar slowly started filling up and I was distracted and my life went on.

Friends can offer so much support.

Two years later that moms group is still a big part of my life. Now I’m super involved, inviting other moms who may be just like me struggling to find their place in a new town or needing support during their own challenges. If it wasn’t for that one mom, I am not sure I would have started going to events so quickly and so often. It might have taken me a lot longer to find friends, and to find peace. But fortunately, those came at just the right time.
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