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#MomLifeIsTheBestLife … Or Is It Really??

I see #MomLifeIsTheBestLife all over the place.

mom life
But really… is it? Mom life isn’t the best life… all the time.
Before the mom shame starts — because we all know moms can be super judgy — it’s okay to admit it.

We all think it.

I have to say I love my children. I loved the first one so much I had two more! I would die for them; I would kill for them. I am their protector and they are my babies. I gave up my 20s, I gave up my super tight body, I gave up my freedom. That’s how much I love my kids. 

However, if I’m being 100% truthful, if I am flat out real… being a mom sucks sometimes!

It just does. When we get pregnant the first time, it’s exciting! We of course have no idea what to expect but all we know is it’s going to be AMAZING!
And it is!
For like 15 minutes and then reality sets in. The sleepless nights start. Having a child stuck to your boob for 8 hours a day, or having to make bottles every 2 hours, hits us. Your nipples bleed as you learn that breastfeeding hurts. Your entire world shifts. 

You are no longer first.

You are lucky if you get to put yourself second in life.

Your entire purpose is to care for this little bean.

This little person that you made. This little human that is a part of everything good in you. Throw regular showers out the door because they are long gone. Ponytails and mom buns are your new best friends. Yoga pants and t-shirts are your new style. Put away your heels and trade them in for flip flops and tennis shoes. No more girl nights; now your days are filled with mommy groups and your nights are filled with laundry and crying babies. 

Lets talk about daycare. Daycare costs are INSANE! 

To the point that you start to wonder if you should open one up and charge other people to watch their children! Then you remember that you have no patience, and that someone would have to be crazy to leave their child with you. Someone may not make it out alive…. 

Then they get to school age and the car drop off line starts…. activities… school projects… geez!

These kids have a more active social life than we do! Newspaper club, drama kids, gymnastics, Boy Scouts, football, wrestling, birthday parties! Holy crap! How are we supposed to be at all these places at once?? We literally can’t! 

When do we get to sit down and have “me” time?? UGH…. 

mom life

Then I remember all of the little moments. The good days, the funny memories.

Like picking up my little man from school and he proceeds to tell me everything that went bad about his day (in the most hilarious fashion possible). And how he holds my hand when we watch TV.
When I look at my oldest daughter and see so much of myself! Then she busts out with the funniest dances and witty comments. 
When my littlest runs up and wiggles her little shoulders, brings me all of her treasures to keep safe and flashes her captivating smile.

I am reminded why mom life really is the BEST LIFE!


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