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Motherhood Through Our Own Eyes {100th Blog Post}

This morning I woke up and hopped onto Sarasota Moms Blog and noticed that today would be our 100th published post. I thought about when different talk shows or YouTube vloggers make a big episode for their 100th episode. I would have enjoyed waking up today and having balloons fall from the sky or a huge party with all of you to devour cake and raise our glasses that we have made it this far.

However, it’s another day.

Another day, where I got up and got ready for work and got my children off to school. Yet, as I got ready I thought about something different. Instead of just thinking about if my eyeliner was straight or my hair wasn’t crazy, I thought about you all. I thought about how we all get ready in the morning. No matter how we get ready in the morning, how much time we have, what we wear or even if we plan on leaving the house, we all wake up in the morning as a mom.

Some of us wake up with our kids in bed with us or in the same room as us, while others of us have our kids in their own rooms. Others of us have our kids at their dad’s house.

As I put on my mascara this morning, I thought about all the moms who are doing the same thing. Each of us looking into the mirror and all the things we have seen in our lives as a mom and all the things we will see.

Through Our Own Eyes.

Our eyes see first moments. Smiles, walking, self-feeding, and even reading. One day, if you haven’t yet, we will see our kids get behind the wheel and drive away on their own for the first time.

Our eyes see tragedy. Each one of us has probably experienced something that surprised us, shocked us, and overwhelmed us. We may have seen our children deathly ill or dealing with pain. Sat and watched them, feeling helpless. There are unknown trials ahead of us.

Our eyes see joy. Seeing our children overcome obstacles, scoring their first goal, and simply figuring out how to master stacking blocks. There is much more joy around the corner.

Our eyes see tears. From the moment our children are born, they wail their first cries. We wipe tears away brought on by boo-boos. We console a hurting child dealing with rejection from a friend. One day, we may have to hug a hurting teenager who is just getting over a breakup.

Moms, Together.

It’s easy in phases of life to debate breastfeeding, vaccines, preschools, and should you let your children watch SpongeBob SquarePants. Instead, we should stop ourselves from easily casting judgement on another and simply remember we all are walking through motherhood from our own perspectives.

We each have two eyes.

We each experience different moments.

We each are uniquely designed for the children we have.

Let’s agree to be moms with integrity who choose community, love and support even when lifestyle choices are different. Because we are #SRQmom proud!

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