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On International Women’s Day, Celebrate the Women You are Thankful For

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.” – Kofi Annan.

March is our month. A month to honor and celebrate women past and present we admire, who influenced us, who helped us, who made a difference in our lives, who invented/discovered something we can’t live without, who made important advances in healthcare and science, and those who devote their lives to raising families and working to better their lives and those of others.

March is Women’s History Month. And today, March 8, is also International Women’s Day.

“International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women,” according to

So make sure to take some time today and this month to show women you care about or admire how important they are. How much you appreciate them. How they make a difference. 

Thank a woman for…

… Something big, like your mom giving you a great childhood, teaching you the right values, or helping pay for your college (thanks, Mom!).

…Or something small, like a sister answering your call late at night and talking for hours after you had a rough day.

Show appreciation for….

… Long-term help, like an incredible daycare worker who has taken her time to make your children happy for several years.

… Or someone stepping in last minute, like a friend watching your child for few hours so you can go to a doctor’s appointment or the airport (thanks, Kerry!).

Send a thank you note……

… To a woman from your past, like a teacher who encouraged you to follow your passions.

… Or someone present, like that co-worker who is pushing you to apply for a promotion.

Reciprocate a kind gesture…

… From a faraway friend, who maybe mailed you a Starbucks gift card for the much needed caffeine that is required with a newborn. Or friends who make a great effort to keep in touch across many miles and send frequent texts. (Much love to all my amazing friends from Indiana and beyond!)

… Or from someone close by, like a neighbor who made you soup when you were sick.

Call up your girlfriends…

… And plan a girls night out for some much needed female bonding and celebrate the joys of being women together.

… Or plan a playdate with other moms and kids, where you can all get a kick out of watching your greatest creations play and learn together. Or join one of the many great moms groups in the area to share stories about the wonderful/tough job that is motherhood.

Get involved with women who inspire you…

… Like an organization such as Mothers Helping Mothers, where you can volunteer and donate.

… Or a group of strangers, like the hundreds of thousands of women who participated in the Women’s March on Washington and sister sites, or other groups fighting for what you believe in.

Give a shout out on social media…

… To a celebrity or leader who uses their fame and reach to help others and spread kindness, like Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah (two of my faves!), a civil rights activist or someone you admire.

… Or a woman who made/is making history. Maybe someone who discovered or created something that changed the world or makes your life easier or better, like Valerie Hunter Gordon, who patented disposable diapers, or Ruth Wakefield, who created the first chocolate chip cookies, or chemist/physicist Marie Curie, who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. Or someone who is currently blazing a new path.

And don’t forget to pat yourself on the back, too.

… You too deserve to be celebrated for being an amazing woman. Whether you know it or not, you have made a difference. Just like you admire and are thankful for other women, there are others who feel the same about you.

Yes, the impact women have made is incredible. Whether specific women affected just you, or millions of people, or if you were the one making an impact, all good, strong women deserve to be honored and celebrated on International Women’s Day, and every day.


** Who do you want to celebrate and honor this International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month? Who do you admire? Please share with us in the comment section on here and on Facebook! Use #internationalwomensday #iwd2017 and #srqmom.

And check back for more Women’s History Month blogs throughout March. **


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