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Reality Check…You’re Perfect.

Us Mamas need a reality check.  Big time.

There are days that I feel less than perfect, days that it takes everything in me to wear a smile, speak gently, or stay awake.  

But there’s something that we need to know.  

We need to know that we’re perfect.  

Yep, you read it right, in reality we’re perfect.  

Don’t get me wrong, I make mistakes just as often as I’m given grace and shown mercy (which is daily), but that doesn’t stop me from being the perfect one.  We, you and me, were specifically chosen to raise our babies with purpose and grit.

There is no other Mama that could love them, understand them, and form them like us.  

Another Mama’s kiss on a banged up knee couldn’t take the sting away like yours nor could another Mama’s hug heal a broken heart or feelings that had been tossed around nonchalantly.  

There is no other woman on this earth who can love them like you love them.  Take safety in that. Take rest and comfort in that. Let that be a firm foundation that you can stand upon during the darkest of storms.  Release all those feelings of self-doubt because I have no doubt that you are the one that was meant to teach your little lady and your little man how to carry themselves as well as how to treat their fellow man and woman.  

Don’t forget that you are changing legacies as you read this, even on your off days.  

That’s not meant to add pressure, so please don’t take it as so.  I personally think that it’s quite alright for your kids to see you handling conflict healthily.  They’ll soon learn that it’s up to them to make lemonade, as the old homage says, from lemons.  Perhaps they’ll turn that into a lemonade stand, learning from experience as they enter various developmental pathways begging them to weigh in on experience.  

Your job description is heavy but you are more than qualified to take that position and it’s a position that will change your heart for the rest of your lifetime in all the good ways, with all the feels.

You are perfect, Mama.

In all my messy perfection.

Allie D.

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