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What’s In My Bag?

Even if it has been cleaned out a hundred times, my diaper bag somehow is the place where everything collects. To be fully transparent and share you aren’t the only one with a crazy bag full of surprises… here is a glance.

The Outside

On the outside, it looks clean. Zipped up, you would never know the inside is like the bag from Mary Poppins, containing anything and everything for a fun disaster-free day with the kids.


The Dump

Ok, so here’s what the contents of the inside were on the day I dumped it out on the counter (Editor’s Note: I may have thrown away gum wrappers, used tissues and several paper towels prior to snapping any photos. Jury is still out on whether the paper towels were clean, but hey, better safe than sorry)

I realized, rather quickly, that the items in my bag could easily be classified in 3 different categories – cleanliness/baby care, personal hygiene and food. I guess it makes sense. Even before kids, my purse usually resembled a small survival kit to keep me fed, in good health and with clean hands, so it’s only fitting for my diaper bag to be the same way. Just a LOT bigger. And messier.


Cleanliness/Baby Care


  1. Diapers. Wipes. Obvs. (did I use that right? I feel like as a mom I’m now totally out of the loop on correctly using shortened words). I couldn’t go anywhere without diapers and wipes. Wipes are the holy grail of momming.
  1. Wet-Wipes to go! I’m a germaphobe and my rugrats touch everything with a capital EVERY. I love having these handy after the park, at the store, to wipe down tables at restaurants. The list goes on.
  1. Arm & Hammer Diaper Bags – The best way to cover up THAT smell. I’m not going to lie, I’m sometimes that mom that’s too lazy to dig out those handy little bags if there’s a trash can nearby and we are in a public bathroom with a garbage that is frequently emptied. BUT, when they DO come in handy is when I may have to, gag, keep the diaper in my car for a short period of time until I can get it home to dispose of it properly.
  1. Hand Sanitizer – I use Babyganics for the kids and more heavy-duty stuff for me! Travel size items are a must for the diaper bag.


Once I am convinced my hands are germ-free, I inevitably need to moisturize or freshen up, so that brings me to:

Personal Hygiene 

  1. Sunscreen – I always carry sunscreen for my kids in my bag. Living in Florida, you never know when you’ll need to add a layer of protection onto the kids. I personally LOVE the Aveeno Baby sunblock. I also grab the Babyganics stick for their faces (ever tried to put sunblock on a screaming toddler? Yeah, that’s why the sticks are the best)
  1. Lips – I’m not a girly girl. I rarely wear make-up. But when I do want to feel fancy, I slap on some of my lipgloss from Urban Decay’s NAKED collection. So it lives in my diaper bag (because… you never know when you want to be fancy!). My EOS lip balm is also ALWAYS with me. I have probably 5 of these stashed in random places. Mostly because they are amazing. But also partly because I lose them on a regular basis, so I need back up.
  1. Gum & Ahem… — Everyone needs gum on occasion. And ladies? We have visitors. Usually unwanted. Be ready for that visitor! And be stylish in your Vera Bradley bag while you do it.



No diaper bag would be complete without food. Snacks and juice to keep your children fed quiet!

  1. Pouches – We are always stocked with veggie pouches and applesauce. I’m a big fan of Earth’s Best and Mott’s, but basically anything that I can twist off the lid and hurl into the back seat, grenade style, will do.
  1. Fruit Snacks – These are a must-have! They keep the kids happy, they can feed themselves, and they don’t get crushed into dust. I repeat! They won’t get smashed into goldfish dust at the bottom of the bag when they inevitably get lost and forgotten. Right now the boys favorites are these Black Forest Organic Gummies
  1. Juice – Pretty regularly (OK, every time we leave) I am running late and don’t always have time to pour sippy cups to bring with us. But, since I also have children who behave as if they will turn into a pile of dust if they don’t have a drink every 30 minutes, I thought it best to keep some juice boxes with me. Currently we’ve got some Apple & Eve punch and Tree Top Organic apple juice, but it varies. As I said before, the kids eat and drink like no one ever feeds them at home and they only get sustenance while I’m frantically grocery shopping or keeping them corralled at the doctor’s office.
  2. Placemats — Toddlers. They eat from anything. And my germaphobe self cringes every time I see them eat a cheerio off the floor of my house, let alone licking the table at a public restaurant. So, I’ve found these amazing placemats handy. 

That’s it! Usually you can also find an assortment of monster trucks, Paw Patrol pups and toy cell phones, but I recently unloaded the toys in a desperate search for a missing (but obviously incredibly important to find) car. The car is still missing. The mystery continues…

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