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I Like Big Trucks and I Cannot Lie: The Brilliance of “Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site”

Do you remember when in 2009 Donald Rumsfeld talked about the known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns? Never in my wildest dreams did I expect this to be foreshadowing to becoming a parent but, here we are, on a moms blog quoting Rumsfeld… Construction vehicles, their purposes, their prowess, their majesty, were all unknown […]

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childhood cancer awareness

The Ever-Reaching Impact of Childhood Cancer

Sometimes we are touched by things that change us forever. Sometimes they’re expected. Other times, they’re not. In the case of childhood cancer, it’s never expected… and it’s always life-changing. The story I am going to share with you is one of how childhood cancer has touched my life, although it may be a little […]

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